What to Look for while Designing Perfect Foundation Boxes

custom foundation boxes-feature image

Make up industry is among those few industries which do not face a recession quite often. No matter what the circumstances are, the makeup industry has not faced any difficult situations since the women have started focusing on their beauty. The demand for makeup items doesn’t decline too often.  Among other make up items, the foundation is one of the most sought out makeup products. Without it, the makeup is incomplete and provides a base for the professional makeup.

The makeup brands keep coming up with a variety of shades in foundation. Besides, there are several types available to cater the needs of every customer. The makeup brands present their foundations in custom boxes made with the highest quality material and printing With the unique box designs. 

Customization is the need of the hour.

Since it is an era of customization, you cannot survive the competition without a well designed packaging box which makes your brand identifiable. Customers are more likely to buy from the companies which present their products well. Not only does a handsome box help in attaining the customers but also in retaining them. Hence it helps in both the brand identity and brand loyalty. If you are to further your brand and make your foundations stand out, you cannot do without a customized foundation box. 

Accuracy of Colors is Extremely Important

There is no other other type of product where the color precision can be as important as it is in makeup products. The foundation boxes need to mention the shade of foundation they contain inside. This is important because the customer must be able to see the shade on the pack without halving to open it and test the product. 

Here, it is extremely important to make sure that the color mentioned on the box is the same as the original color of the foundation. The accuracy of colors is possible only if the custom box manufacturer uses the highest quality inks. If there remains even a slightest difference in color, it can be deadly for the company’s image. And that is the least you want. Hence, whether you go for offset printing or digital printing, it is necessary to use the latest equipment and best inks for the highest accuracy of colors. 

Pay Attention to the Precision of Size and Shape

A custom box should be such that it enhances the beauty of the product and makes it look more beautiful. The very basic element for a handsome custom box is that we must size perfectly and shape precisely. 

Your foundation bottle should fit snugly into the box. It should not be too loose neither should it be so tightly fitting. Besides, you can go for a unique shape that beautifies the features of the product without compromising on the important information that needs to be mentioned clearly. The custom foundation boxes wholesale with die cut windows are one of the trendiest options in this regard. 

Try Some Extras

If you want to go an extra mile ahead of the others, it is important that you give a chance to some additional features which make your box stand out from the others and shine them out in style. There are several features offered by wholesale packaging manufacturers which make the logo more prominent and give it a 3D impact. For example you can try the add owns like embossing, debossing, spot UV, or gold and silver foiling. 

Final Words

In addition to these additional printing options, we recommend that you try a quality finish for your box and give it an elite look. When it comes to the final coating, here too the options are innumerable. Some of the common ones include, but are not limited to, gloss finish, matte finish, semi gloss finish, aqueous coating, rose gold coating, and others. It does not mean that additional coatings enhance the appearance of the box but also protect its printed text. It adds a bit to the sturdiness of the box and makes it difficult to wear off too easily.