What Type of Candles Can Incense Your Bathrooms?

Marble Candle Jar

Scented candles are something we all adore. They work well in every room and can instantly uplift any mood. The best part about scented candles is that they come in a range of scents and styles you can choose from. From mason and marble candle jar to sweet and strong incenses, the options are endless. While choosing a candle for your bathroom may seem like a straightforward task, with such a wide range along the aisles of any home décor store, your decision may end up being a lot harder than it already is. The intriguing scents, styles, and shapes could leave you in a serious dilemma.

So, what types of candles should you use exactly for your bathroom? Should it be big and chunky? Sweet and floral, or strong and powerful? Regardless of your preferences, maybe you need to be mindful of whether or not the scent may be appropriate or not for your bathroom. To help you narrow down your choices and find something you like, we’ve prepared this article for you to select the perfect scented candle for your bathroom.

Neutral Scents

It is pretty obvious that most of the scents that you should choose for your bathroom must be neutral and light. The main goal is to neutralize odors with your scented goals, leaving behind a slight hint of the scent you are going for. Opt for a minimalistic approach with the ‘less is more’ motto and find yourself something that is less overpowering. The last thing you would want to do is trigger a serious migraine in a closed, tight-spaced bathroom. Coconut and cool tropical scents are, namely, a few.

Natural Scents

Nothing speaks louder than a good old natural scent. Rainforest vibes or natural, earthy scents are a terrific scent option you can consider for your bathrooms. Not only does it neutralize odors, but it additionally emits a subtle yet wonderful natural scent. If you can’t find a good natural scented candle, look for an incense instead. Be sure to keep your bathroom’s theme in mind before selecting the candle scent. Ensure your choice matches and enhances the overall style of your bathroom.


Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa with aromatherapy. Find yourself in a relaxing environment as you are surrounded by some of your favorite scents. Just as the name suggests, this form of therapy is the ideal way for you to unwind and relax. From famous linen, vanilla, and linen scents, there are plenty of refreshing candles and incenses that can enhance the aromatherapy experience for you.

Additionally, if you are looking for a stronger overtone, we recommend that you leave behind the strong musky cologne and select woody or leather scented incense and candles. The fragrant smoke that emits from incenses not only smells luxurious but is also aesthetic and therapeutic for some. Some incenses can even prevent insects and maybe even be used for a deodorant. Choose one that fits your preferences the best, and unleash the relaxing aromatherapy experience.