Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Burger?

Best Burger

There are over thousands of fast food companies striving to make the most delicious burger in town. However, it is not that easy to hit 5-star ratings for a burger. In the United Kingdom, there are some of the most delicious burgers in London and Manchester.

Popular UK Restaurants Serving Top Burgers

Here is a basic list of all the top-rated burger in the United Kingdom in its capital.


Beginning with the most popular burger in the world is The Big Mac Burger. A huge layer of the juicy and dripping flavour of beef meat, a gentle shred of lettuce, pickles and cheddar cheese layers. The world is crazy for this one. Even in the UK, people prefer McDonald’s for its divine taste and its quality sesame buns. Big Mac has its special sauce stuffed inside and it is the most amazing burger deal serving over 550 million orders per year. The largest Big Mac is around £5 and one of the reasonable burgers British folks enjoy. The McDonald’s company delivers Fast Food Delivery Service around the world. It has three varieties of sizes, each with an extra layer of meat or cheese.

There is no extra toppings or garnishing over it, it is simple goodness, which is mouth-watering every time the menu comes up. It has been rated more than many burgers for its delicious sauce and signature taste. Known as the best burger worldwide, it is overrated for i

The Fast Food Chains in the State

Other than Famous McDonalds, there are a variety of dripping and overflowing masterpieces of tang and taste to it. Burgers all over London have their fine quality as well.

Burger and Beyond

The Blue Bird’s Café on King’s Road has a better version of burger; the boosting flavours of beef double American cheeseburger found in Burger and Beyond is of high competition in town. It serves cheese fries along with their burger and two of their sauces. Secret sauces and additional burnt golden flavour of mayonnaise inside changes the look of it.

Flank’s Burger

Other than a juicy beef patty, Flank’s special sauce, crispy onion and golden ribs meat stacked served burger is famous as well. They have their special orders and high-quality burgers in line. The onion jam topping on the patty and signature sauce for this one seals the deal.

Mac and Wild

 Mac and Wild are a popular buzz in London as they sell the basic cheeseburger in the city. The fat glob of juicy meat and molten cheddar in the burger has won the top shelves in late 2016. The addition of caramelized onions and double candied bacon is favourite of people across town as well.

In the end, we are certain that a basic burger is better than the overflowing chaos of burger filling. As McDonald’s is known worldwide popular line of burgers and vastest variety to offer of burgers. It has won many hearts of adults young and old. It has always been able to hit records.

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