Why Every Bride Needs A Planner Book

wedding planner book

A wedding is an overwhelming task especially for someone who is not at all organized. There are numerous details that need your attention and there are various suppliers that you need to talk to, to provide you with a product or service that would ensure you and your guests would have a good time during your wedding.

If this seems to be an arduous undertaking, help yourself not turn into a bride zilla by preparing a trusty planner book that would have all the details you would need with regards to planning your wedding.

To keep your to-do lists

As a bride to be, you would have a thousand and one things that you need to do. Imagine you are just writing it in a sticky note or the back of a grocery receipt or whatever paper you have at hand. Then imagine it got lost. What would you do? There might be some items that you forget no matter how hard you try to remember them. This could be avoided if you have a wedding planner book where you could write and keep all your to-do lists.


wedding planner book
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To keep your contact list

Sure, you might think you have your mobile phone for that but if you receive a lot of business cards from numerous suppliers, you might not always have the time to transfer their contact details to your phone. Besides, if you don’t have the memory or the space to save the suppliers’ contact numbers especially those that you would not be hiring, it would be a waste to save their details one by one. At least, if you keep their business cards in your planner, you would only need to check the contact details of that contractor that you would want to be part of your wedding day.

To keep your receipts

Not all brides would have an unlimited spending budget for their wedding. Some would only have minimal budget that they need to keep track of or to stretch to make sure it covers all aspects of the wedding. A planner book would also be a perfect tool to keep track of your spending and to stash all of your receipts or to monitor which of your supplier you’ve already paid a down payment for their product or service and those you still need to pay.

To read some expert advices

Most of these planners are made by wedding experts and professionals. Once you purchase the planners, you would also be treated with their advices and suggestions regarding everything that has to do with the wedding. They might even include recommendations on which venue is perfect for your budget and requirement, which dress is perfect for your body type, the most romantic songs to have your first dance to, etc.

Another thing you have to remember when looking for a planner book is to choose one which is handy and light. It would be difficult for you to carry a big binder to your appointments. If you have one which fits your purse, it would be easy for you to have it around every time you have a brilliant idea or to tick one task of your checklist.