3 reasons to start a career in data science in 2021

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Data drives the world of technology. We are witnessing robotic citizens, autonomous cars, and deep fake videos. You must notice all these developments are fueled by data. Data science studies the patterns and relationships showcased by data and tries to figure out innovative and efficient ways of revealing those patterns and turning them into actionable insights.

It is a no-brainer that data science is one of the most happening areas in the entire world of technology. The concepts of data science are driving Artificial Intelligence, which in turn is augmenting the way data is collected and analyzed. Hence, you can comprehend what makes data science so important. However, we will look at three specific reasons why you should start a career in data science.

The pandemic factor

The pandemic has changed life as it was. Most importantly it has caused a mutation of the workplace environments. Remote jobs are normalized to a great extent. People trust their remote employees more than ever as there has been a proven consistency in the quality and efficiency of work in the IT sector in spite of three quarters of its workforce staying at home.

A lot of companies have found the courage to push themselves harder without worrying about the brick and mortar structures and the hardware requirements.

All of these have led to a huge growth in the amount of enterprise data generated. And it has also added to the importance of the enterprise data life-cycle.

This situation  has created increased demand and brought opportunities of working for a foreign company remotely to a lot of data science enthusiasts.

Data protection regulations

Regulations like GDPR and CCPA have affected the way businesses deal with their data. Every business that uses data for insights and predictions must also pay attention to regulatory compliance.

The complexity involved in these regulations need to be addressed by expert data science and data governance experts. Since companies are putting a lot of effort into compliance, it is likely that they will also invest heavily in data science.

Reduced course fee and joint certification

With the growing demand of data science skills the expenses related to data science training have come down. The competition in the market has forced institutes to offer courses at a discounted rate. If you want to look for data science courses in Bangalore, you will find one without burning a hole through your savings.

Also there have been a number of tie-ups between large tech companies and data science institutes. They often provide collaborative certification. These things have drawn a lot of attention.

An enthusiast can easily grow prowess in innovative technology through these.