AI and Big Data Pushing Innovations in the Fast Food Industry

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Did you know that Bangalore is one of the world’s most enticing fast-food destinations? And driving the industry is the legion of certified professionals with Big Data Training in Bangalore! Surprised? Here’s a quick read on what Bangalore’s big data industry offers to the fast food industry around the globe.

A few years ago, if you were asked to open a food joint, chances are you would rely on low-skilled, low tech-enabled labor and workers to flip the burger, blend the juices and stir the spices. But, things have changed dramatically over the years and now we are already talking about the role of AI, machine learning, and cloud computing in the fast-food industry.

Reason: Growing labor wages and prices of resources. Also, the demand for customer experience and mobile-based commerce for fast food menus have proliferated the traditional industry, forcing everyone to leverage Big Data, AI, and Automation to develop innovative solutions.

Here are some of the innovative developments:

Pizza Tracker Apps and Drones

No other fast food making domain has embraced technology as successfully and smartly as the pizza makers. Pizza making companies are showing off their expertise in working with Big Data training in Bangalore, using AI and data analytics to monitor app orders, track pizza deliveries and optimize travel time for their delivery personnel. Even better, they have gone a step ahead to tie up with vehicle fleets and drone manufacturers to deliver pizza to nearby regions. No fear of traffic snarls as the pizza trackers automatically reroute the map for the fastest travel time.

Robot Chefs

Yes, automation has actually come to the rescue for small outlets that can’t afford a costly chef. From flipping burgers to kneading the dough, the computer vision enabled robots can do everything that you expect from a human chef! And moreover, these robots can withstand the high temperatures in the kitchen near the furnace, don’t take breaks, and can read from Google’s recipe menus on their own to craft the best dish in double quick time.

AI chatbots and Customer Support

Don’t like a dish? Or, want to take away a parcel from the nearest joint? Why not call customer care to book the order? Well, Big Data analysts are working round the clock to create the most efficient AI chatbot center that makes it easy for people to order food online or through their mobile. From smartly showing popular dishes to optimized payment apps experience, these Big Data training enabled experiences to ensure that customers have minimum disruption while ordering their food and have a pleasant check out the journey.

Does anyone want a data visualization of top ranking pizza variant?