How to Answer the Question “What Are Your Long-Term Career Goals” During Interview?

How to Answer the Question What Are Your Long-Term Career Goals

‘Interview’ is a word that has a lot of definitions and the most interesting one is a session of question and answers where one has to persuade others with impressive comebacks.

What’s your take on that? We know that interviews are as same as walking on the puddles, your one wrong move and the game is over! Although everyone has to deal with the situation according to their skills and capabilities.

Here, let us a bit harsh reality check; no matter how experienced you are, one question that is going to put most of you on the horizon of confusion is ‘what are your long-term career goals. For this, you of course have to be pro yet professional enough to answer this question wisely.

First of all, to reach the anchor point of this question, you need to know the purpose. Yes, they say, ‘if you don’t know the purpose then you will definitely be able to understand the meanings’. So, before diving into the details of ‘how’ let’s give a quick glimpse on ‘why’.

Why recruiters ask this question & what they expect

Your recruiter doesn’t want to know how perfect predictions you can make. Take it easy! The only reason your employer is interested in knowing the answer of the followed question is to know how ambitious you are and what energy you hold for your future.

The way you answer your question will portray how much goal-oriented your minds is and how you strategize your long-term goals. So, be mindful before you give your insight a voice. Meanwhile, last but not least, another thing that your recruiter aims to assess is to find the compatibility in between your skills, aims, and the required job role. This is why we suggest candidates be mindful before answering this question.

Though, since we don’t want you to miss this golden opportunity and hence, for this, here we will discuss some of the focused points that can help you in playing a winning game with this ‘what are your long-term career goals’ question.

All you need to do is, stay hooked and keep jotting the crux of all points. Let’s start!

First of all disclose your aspirations

Here, we would like to give you a brownie chunk with advice that please don’t start counting on your entire list. When it comes to disclosing the aspirations or future plans, one should stick to specific factors that must sound suitable to the required job role. It helps in giving a better insight to the recruiter and show how your future plans can serve as beneficial factors for the company. So, be wise with your choice and make sure to share the only relevant aspirations.

Share your roadmap of goals

If you think that you can satisfy your recruiter via answering all questions that begin with ‘what’ then you are surely thinking wrong. Yes, you hear it right! Your recruiter wants to know your plan of ‘how’ to. Here, you need to be clear with your words and vision. Just share your roadmap and tell your recruiter how you are going to achieve all of your goals. Don’t feel hesitate to share little steps that you are planning to take towards progress. For further help, try taking help from the professionals of or from any other portal.

However, for a better insight you can count on the following examples:

Polishing acquired skills

Talking confidently about your acquired skills and telling them that you are ambitious enough to grow and interest in polishing your skills, marks an impressive image among your recruiters. Not only this, it can even help you in standing out from the crowd.

You can go like ‘yeah, so my first long-term goal is to improve my writing skills. Although, I can already come up with some of the best writing pieces yet still, I don’t believe in perfection and think that there is always room for improvement and growth.

Your next career growth move

Of course, no one likes spending life while being in a junior position so, be fearless while telling this to your employer because it’s going to mark an outstanding image of yours. Share your thoughts and expectations for your upcoming career life. Tell them that you are willing or have this aim to go all high with possessed skills.

Say it like ‘I am an experienced candidate but I have this goal to reach at an executive level and to lead a team where I can assist them. Also, I wish to learn from my team members as well. Hence, this is one of the biggest aims of my long-term career plan.’

Take this last brownie tip for “What Are Your Long-Term Career Goals” and do not exaggerate your answers or your goals. Just keep it short and crisp. Besides this, be confident with your words, tone, and feel free to thanks us later.