How To Draw A Spiderman With Step By Step

How to draw a spiderman

How to draw a spiderman and colored contour drawings are recommended to start at an early age. And you can even invite the three-year-old baby to the world of color … The main thing is to teach the baby to properly hold a pencil in hand. Many articles on the site are dedicated to teaching children to draw certain objects (ships, tanks, airplanes), as well as for boys and girls. If at 3-4 years the child can paint yourself the simplest contour pictures, consisting of 1-2 parts, then for older children (5-10 years) it is advisable to choose the coloring of a certain theme.

For girls, we have published outline images of popular cartoon characters: little ponies, monster high, Winx fairies, Disney princesses … And for boys, you can immediately download or print on paper. Free coloring pages with the image of cartoon cars “Cars”, racing cars, locomotives, various military equipment.

And this article is dedicated to the legendary comic book hero: Spider-Man or Spiderman. We will teach you how to draw a spiderman in stages. Also, you can print high-quality outline images dedicated to Spiderman for the boy (see 12 coloring options at the end of the article).

Draw a spiderman

Still don’t know who this Spider-Man is? For the first time, the image of this superhero was featured on the pages of American comics. Amazing feats, unique superpowers, and an incredibly original costume in red and blue won the hearts of many children around the world. And soon Spiderman from the pages of comics appeared on television screens, in video games, in science fiction films and cartoons, as well as in-store windows with children’s toys. It is not surprising that the Spiderman toy continues to be popular in children’s games, and the Spiderman coloring pages are still the most popular among children compared to other superheroes.

How did the famous superhero Spider-Man come about? Once, a humble but gifted boy with science, an orphan named Peter Parker, was bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter soon realizes that something strange is happening to him. The child develops a phenomenal jumping ability, as well as the ability to move on walls and other vertical surfaces. He realized that the incredible super-strength came from a spider bite. Soon, the talented boy creates an original “spider suit”. In the wrist area, the suite is equipped with a special device that shoots a sticky substance that turns into a spider web. Peter Parker goes from being an ordinary child, who was often offended by his peers, to a true superhero who has declared an uncompromising war against villains and criminals.

How to draw a spiderman in stages:

Our task is to take a simple pencil and try to convey the flexibility, the dynamism of Spiderman in the drawing, and also, with the help of a certain arrangement of lines, to represent a rather complex disguise of the character.

draw a spiderman

Level 1:

Draw the contours of the character’s body in a certain order.

Carefully redraw the schematic arrangement of the lines in image n. ° 1. Maintain the proportions of the contours of the head, torso, legs, and arms as precisely as possible so that the image of Spider-Man appears credible in the last stage of the drawing.

Stage 2:

Draw the contours of the body around the contours.

Carefully outline the contours, looking at image n. 2. Make sure the line doesn’t get too close or vice versa, too far from the contours so that our character doesn’t end up being too thin or thick. Do not forget to observe the proportions – the different thickness of the paired elements of the pattern (arms, legs) immediately catches your eye.

Stage 3:

Eliminate the extra lines.

All contour lines drawn in the first stage must be carefully erased with an eraser. After that, once again, take a closer look at the proportions of the cool drawings. If there are errors, erase the problem areas from the outer contour, and now draw correctly with a pencil.

Stage # 4:

Internal image detail.

We look at the image of this stage and accurately redraw the following elements. The cut of the eyes on the mask, the dividing lines of the suit, the pectoral muscles.

Stage # 5:

Spider-Man Suit.

Now we have to very carefully draw the vertical lines of the web mesh, and then small wavy horizontal lines between them. We draw a network in the area of the head, chest, arms, and boots of Spiderman. Spiderman coloring page is ready!