How to choose the best schools in bellandur Bangalore ?

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Pre-School is the foundation of your child’s entire educational journey. However, a preschool does more for a child than prepare them for further studies, it prepares them for the world ahead. The first time a child gets out of the love and care of their parents and into a safe space is when they start attending a pre school. Since choosing this pre-school is a very important decision, how do we go about it? 

We have compiled a list of Pre-School essentials, which will help you make the right decision for your child.

1- Stellar Reputation 

When it comes to their kids, everybody looks for the best options available. So you must learn about the most reputed preschools recommended by your trusted friends and family. You can also get their personal reviews of the preschools their children attended.

If you have a preschool in mind, you should definitely contact parents of its previous students and compare their reviews on the school. If the reviews are mostly positive that means that the parents are greatly satisfied and you can shortlist the preschool. 

2- Excellent Teachers

Taking care of a bunch of preschoolers requires skill that everyone doesn’t possess. When you look for preschools one major point you should keep in mind is the teaching quality over there. The teachers are going to be second parents of your child during school hours, your values and way of thinking must match with them to help your child get the maximum benefit of attending that preschool.

Some qualities that good teachers always possess are patience, enthusiasm, creativity, experience, and passion. If you feel that the teachers possess all of these qualities you can be assured that your child is in good hands.

3- Child-Friendly Facilities

Look at the furniture of your house – it is designed for adults. But your children also need a space which is child friendly and filled with colours and learning tools that helps them thrive. That is why another mark of a good school is one which has facilities especially designed for children. 

When you are looking at preschools make sure to visit them and see all the facilities they offer thoroughly. Apart from the availability of different facilities like playing areas, lawns, creative classrooms etc. You should also check whether these facilities are cleaned regularly and bear no risk to the safety of your child. If you are satisfied with the quality of all the facilities, you can tick one of the most important boxes.

4- Active Learning

Children are a ball of energy and their energy should not be confined. So you must make sure that the preschool helps your children channelise their energy into doing creative activities that helps them learn and stay active. If the preschool prefers keeping the students inactive and does not promote them speaking up, neither will the children want to attend it, nor will the preschool do them any benefit. 

Schools that have arts and crafts, music, dance, exploring the natural world, outdoor play, and loud reading time are your best bet. They build curiosity in your child and help them express their views freely. 

Haebix  Best schools in bellandur focuses on all the qualities mentioned above and is admired by residents across Bellandur city. If you are looking for the best preschool for your child’s overall development, do refer to the list above and find the right option for you.