How I Passed Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam in 2021


I took the Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam, and fortunately, I was successful in getting this certification. I am sharing my overall experience about getting this certification exam. 

Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam Structure:

Tableau server certified associate exam is taken online. You have just 90 minutes to complete this exam. This time limit is such an enemy here. You have to answer 80 questions in this time limit. If you want to get this certification you must get 75% or more to pass. Your questions will automatically be marked here. With this method you will know the score right at the end of exam.

There are three types of questions

  1. Multiple choice questions (only one valid answer)
  2. Multiple choice questions (several valid answers)
  3. True / false

At first, I thought that all questions would purely be theoretical. You also have some scenario-based questions. In this exam in some of the questions, they will give you a scenario and you have to select the right option accordingly. I found these questions a little bit difficult.

Moreover, to having access to Google and internet (these are useful allies), you will also have access to Tableau Service Manager (TSM) and blank Tableau Server. The server has default site, with default workbook and default project.  As a server admin you are the only user.

The server also has a basic one node configuration. Getting TSM and tableau server, as it will be much speedy to get an answer, directly on TSM and tableau server instead of having to go on help page.

How I Prepare for Exam?

After all my initial preparation, I tried to evaluate my preparation and looked for Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification Practice Exams. I found Get Tableau Certifications in google search page and opened the site  It was an amazing experience to visit this platform since it helped me a lot to understand tableau server exam anatomy and evaluate my skills through Free Quizzes available on Free Quiz page.

As per Tableau certification exam prep guide, exam will have 80 questions and this exam contains theory base. In According to exam prep guide there are 5 sections with different percentages. You can easily estimate the importance of every section based on its given percentage. Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exam has three different types of questions like multiple response, true / false and multiple-choice questions.

Their Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exam questions are also very unique. I felt happy when I come to know that they follow all the guidelines of tableau. Their practice exams are also time based. Duration of complete practice exams are 90 minutes. And your exam will automatically be finished after time 90 minutes. You should get 75% score if you want to pass this exam.

I assure you it is the best way to check your level of preparation. It will help you and to show your weak areas where you need to focus or work more. Their exams are taken online on Windows Virtual Machine containing Tableau Server. They are offering this exam in seven different languages Japanese, Simplified Chinese, English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and International Spanish. I will strongly recommend you to complete Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exams if you want to get this certification.

You can also get free quizzes related to these sections:

  • Preparations
  • Installation and configurations
  • Administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Migration and upgrade

If you want to prepare yourself and also want to check your preparation level for real Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam I strongly recommend you to visit at  Get Tableau Certifications.  Just go ahead to and take complete Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification Practice Exams to judge your readiness.