What Is Microblading And How To Master It: Phiacademy

What Is Microblading And How To Master It: Phiacademy

What is microblading?

Micro-blading is a permanent or semi-permanent way to fill your eyebrows. In the modern world, people who have thin brows opt for microblading, and it is a simple and effective technique. It’s like permanent makeup, so you don’t have to spend time every day on it.

It is done by professionals with the help of a microblade tool. It involves scratching and breaking the skin, so infections are possible if you do not take care of hygiene. Practice and training are also very important to carry out the process of microblading.

An aesthetician who carries out the process of microblading uses pigments similar to your real hair color and gives you natural-looking and defined eyebrows. The color may fade over time, so some touch-ups over time are important.


If you are someone who aims to learn the process of microblading, there are proper professional academies that train you and help you learn the skill. Some basic tips for the beginners who want to learn it are as under:


Focus on the Aesthetics:

Microblading is primarily the work of an aesthetician, and it focuses on enhancing the beauty of the face. If you are aiming to become an aesthetician, you have to learn to focus on beauty and perfection more than anything. In the beginning, it might take you some time to learn, and you will feel like it’s not paying off as much. But if you keep practicing, it will definitely enhance the business and help you amplify your skills.

Master the techniques, put in your effort and wait for the results. Learning a new skill is a work of patience, and no amount of money can make you learn it overnight. You will have to put in the required efforts and patience. You will make mistakes in the beginning, and that is why you cannot start fresh on someone’s face.

The professional phiacademy will give you enough space and training time, where you can learn the process by practicing on plastic dummies. It will polish your skill. Moreover, when it’s about someone’s face, you cannot trust someone with limited practice.


Practice Harder to Master the Technique:

Becoming an artist takes time. It’s not an overnight thing. If you aim to be one fine aesthetician, you can work on your skills long enough. Some academies that promise short training programs are not legit. You cannot start off immediately if you want to see exceptional results. Only practice makes a man perfect.


Learning about the Tools:

For microblading artists, their tools are very important. They work with tools, and you have to learn about every single tool and how to safely use it.

Here are some tools involved in the process of microblading:


Pigments play a defining role in the final results of microblading. You have to learn to apply the right pigment, how to select and use it. Moreover, using a good quality, reputable pigment will make sure that the color lasts longer. If you use a bad quality pigment line, the color will fade sooner than the customer’s expectation.

Do not use cheap pigments just for the sake of saving money there because it will end in low-quality results.


PMU Machines:

For microblading, you use manual tools for the initial stages, but as soon as you master the practice and use manual tools, you can upgrade to PMU machines. Many studios and microblading academies offer the facility of PMU machines to the learners. It’s essential that you have enough practice before you begin to use a PMU. The cleanliness and sanitization of a PMU are very important to prevent infections.



The microblading pen has two fine blades. One is used to create micro incisions on the skin, and the other deposits pigment in the incisions. The blades make this process a little painful, so be prepared for it if you are planning to get microblading. There are different sizes and types of blades. You should learn about them and avoid using low-quality blades to prevent infections. Make sure that the blades are clean and sanitized.


Pay attention and Sharpen your Eyes:

Microblading is a very intricate job. It requires keen attention. You need to sharpen your vision and focus on the work. Do not be careless with it, document your work from the first sitting to the final results. You can always see the progress right in front of your eyes.

Pay attention to the results after every session so you know how it is going.



If you are interested in learning microblading, you should seek professional help. There are many professional microblading academies that train you and teach you the technical requirements. It’s important that you go to the right institute and put in the effort if you want to work as a professional.