3 Ways To Analyse Your Website Competitors


The saying ‘keep your friends close and enemies closer’ sits perfectly here. If you are someone who does not pay attention to the trends and activities of competitors in your niche, then you’re skipping through a very important marketing step. 

The world of marketing is so dynamic that it is only natural to find a gap here and there. By analysing your competitors, you can list down the strengths and weaknesses on their end and the same on your side. By doing so you can draw comprehensive insights that will help you in enhancing your website performance. 

Here are 3 ways to analyse your website competitors. 

#1- Search rankings

Search rankings are a metric that provides insights regarding the quality of your content and website in your niche. Your search metrics help you in drawing insights about your place on a particular niche. By applying good SEO techniques and strategies, you can improve your rankings on search engines. 

While it is told that you should regularly check your search rankings, what you should also add to the list is checking the rankings of your competitors in the niche. 

For example- as a blog website, if you are ranking on the keyword ‘Speculative Fiction’ you must always check the rankings above or below you and look for something unique that they might be doing.

Keeping a regular tab on your competitors search rankings is the first step in analyzing your competitor’s website. 

#2- Domain popularity

Domain popularity means the domain authority and domain rankings of a website. To maintain the domain popularity, a website must have a rigorous plan including steps such as link building, frequent posting schedule, and guest posting. 

Link building and guest posting are two very common and widely used features that have a direct impact on domain popularity. Good inbound and outbound links help you website in gaining authority and will make it very easy to index a website on search engines. 

Therefore, domain popularity is another metric that must be analysed when you are analysing your competitor. This gives you the information regarding their strong, valuable links and will also help you in knowing the various referral links they may have connected to their website. 

#3- Social media following

This step is relatively easier, analyzing the social media following of your competitor. Social media has now become an imperative marketing tool and also helps in keeping track of not just your followership but the following of your competitors as well. 

Metrics such as followers on a page, the likes, comment and shares helps you in forming a picture as to how much traffic they are drawing on their social media platforms. 

While analyzing their following, you also get a chance to look for new ideas, something you might be missing out on, and you may also find mistakes made by them which you can skip on your platforms. 

In Conclusion

In this article we discussed 3 ways to analyse your website competitors. 

At the end of the day, your website has to compete a number of other competitors. For a beginner in SEO, understanding this challenge requires serious analytical skill. DelhiCourses.in offers a trusted digital marketing course in Delhi where you can get a solid foundation of SEO.