5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the best Digital Marketing Solution

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the best Digital Marketing Solution

Who doesn’t like getting updates on their phone? Especially all the deals and offers, the constant reminder of what we are missing. These all are the attributes of a best digital marketing agency.
We as customers love to be kept updated and engaged regarding all our endeavors in the world of business. This what keeps a business enterprise on its toe with entering new customers and revisiting old.

E-mail Marketing is one such Digital Marketing approach adopted by various digital marketing agencies in order to increase the reach of their respective businesses. A study fromAdobe estimates that millennials spend about 6.4 hours each day reading their emails. E-mail Marketing creates a network of communication between your brand and your customers. It’s a cost-effective solution to reach customers where they visit every day — their inbox.
“Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook, and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey)”

Email marketing provides value to its customers. It creates a constant connection to its customer base, which is one of the sole purposes that could attract potential customers and make old customers stay.

Why E-mail Marketing is still the best

We give you 5 reasons why E-mail Marketing is the best solution:

Targeted Content:

We all know not every customer is alike. Therefore, to handle them, the approach may differ too. With Targeted content, after segmenting our respective customers into the different lists according to their preferences. We could create content accordingly with respect to their likes and dislikes. Thus, it would create a network of rather meaningful e-mails than spams.

Better Brand Recognization:

Who doesn’t want their name to be known in the sector they are operating. In the success mantra book, one of the ways to be successful is to be recognized as a brand. With curated e-mail marketing it is vital to approach new customers and old with meaningful content, that in a way add something in their daily life. The best example of this kind of approach is SPOTIFY. All the emails by SPOTIFY are well-curated and meaningful. E-mail should contain valuable content, which could be either feedbacks or a survey to start some discussion on social media. A content that connects well with their potential customers and old.


Creates Strong Customer Relations:

E-mail Marketing bridges the gap by creating strong customer relations. It’s nearly impossible to contact each customer personally. Therefore with e-mail marketing, a drip marketing campaign could be started to smoothen the distance.

Drip Marketing campaigns that drive the user down the buyer’s journey to the final conversation point. They give a sense of value to the subscribers by keeping your brand on top of their mind. These e-mails usually “drip” information, products, or tips, which are helpful.

Boost Sales:

Email generates almost $37 Billions retail sales annually as reported by “MARKETING WEEK”. E-mail marketing works best for impulse buying. You can create an entire customer base into alluring them to make another purchase in a few  ways


    1. List similar items to the customer’s past purchases.
    2. Create a special offer or discount for future purchases.


Optimization of time and budget:

Targeted direct mail campaigns can cost a fortune including the cost of flyers and delivering them to nearby mailboxes doesn’t come handy at all. Meanwhile, the additional cost of designing, printing, and mailing costs could make your pocket literally empty. It would, in turn, make you less focused on your business therefore, lost revenue. Basically, we could see nothing good comes out of it.
Thus, to optimize time and budget E-mail marketing is your solution. Designing a professional email marketing campaign is not complicated, or time-consuming. Sending emails to many subscribers is also still cost-effective.

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