5 web design fonts from Google

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There many businesses that have already ventured into building their own eCommerce website. That is because it is an effective tool when it comes to marketing any goods and services. It has many benefits that are proven to be helpful when it comes to improving sales of companies. An eCommerce website is further made more desirable to clients by improving the web design. If the sign is usually taken care of by a web design freelancer or company. They supervise the web design services Singapore job that is as important as a development part.

Why web design need to use web fonts from Google

Nowadays, there are many web design services Singapore jobs that you have to take into consideration. The web design of any eCommerce website is needed for the marketing strategy to be effective. That is why it is important to hire a good web design feel answer or team that can help you materialize an effective eCommerce website. Aside from the elements of the web design services Singapore job, other aspects such as fonts for web design are also considered during this process. We may not realize it but fonts play a great role in effective digital marketing.  A  company should always be updated with the current best fonts for web design. To know more, here are the five best google fonts for web design services Singapore commissions. 

#1 Source Sans Pro

This font is inspired by the gothic forms back in the day. It is designed to work well and the user interfaces environment of all web design services Singapore. That is why it may be a classic but it is still one of the most favorites of any web design freelancer or professional.

#2 Merriweather

This font was designed by Eben Sorkin Back in 2010. It is a regular yet high standard and condensed modern or medium/ low contrast ratio. This font is perfect for business or formal environments. That is why it is often used in company letters or documents. This is known to any web design freelancer to be a no-fail font when it comes to business or formal documents.

#3 Ubuntu 

This fund was created in 2010 by designer Vincent Connare. He designed this to be a modern font with a humanist style. it has even become the default font of the software operating system, Ubuntu. It is used for web design services Singapore screens as it is perfect for software surfaces.

#4 Lora

This font is known to be a contemporary yet well-balanced font that is rooted in calligraphy. It is a modern contrast font that is well-suited for body text and other non-heading texts. A web design freelancer or professional usually described this as urban and modern that can work well on screen and in print. This font was designed by Olga Kapushin in 2011. 

#5 Cabin

One of the best fonts when it comes to web design services Singapore jobs is Cabin. It is known for its modern proportions, optical adjustments, and geometric sides that can create its own personality. This font was inspired by other sources such as Edward Johnston and Eric Gill.  It was created by Pablo Impallarie back in 2011.

Importance of a good website font to web design


Branding is important in any kind of eCommerce website. That is because that is the first thing that your clients notice. Clients usually decide whether to buy or not from an eCommerce website depending on their first impression of the website. This is the reason why web design services Singapore layout is important. Your font can make or break good branding. Having consistent and clean branding can’t help you have an advantage over your competitors. An advantage that can help you be more profitable than other companies in the same industry as you are. This is also the reason why it is important to get a knowledgeable web design freelancer than someone who doesn’t know how to do the job correctly.

User experience

This is also known as the overall satisfaction of your visitor from visiting your website. User experience is important because it can determine whether or not a client is going back to your website again. The return rate of customers plays a great role in making sales and profit.

Need help?

If you want to maximize the potential of your eCommerce website it is important to hire a good web design feel answer or professionals. This way you can make sure that the right strategies and methods are applied to your eCommerce website. You can contact Wiz Marketing today to get you started.