7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

An online business’s growth depends on the traffic it gets. More traffic means more leads and sales. You only have to find out the people who are interested in buying what you are selling. This isn’t a very big task but for those who don’t know how to bring more and more traffic to their website, it becomes difficult.

If you are not familiar with digital marketing and stuff then this article will help you in getting a fresh start on how to get traffic.

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7 ways to increase website traffic in 2021

Let’s see how you can drive traffic to your website. Here are the 7 ways to increase website traffic in 2021.

1) Social Media Presence is Crucial

Social media is today’s one of the biggest traffic sources. So, if you are ignoring social media at this time, it would be a big loss to your business. Social media users are increasing every day across the world. There are around 4 billion people currently using social media (around 52 percent of the world’s population). This percentage will increase and reach around 75 percent in 2023, according to the surveys.

Creating profiles on social media is not enough. The regular post will bring more followers or connections. Create attractive and innovative posts that encourage engagement. Put links to drive social media traffic to your website.

2) Write Blogs

If you have a website, don’t forget to write and post informative blogs to it. It doesn’t matter what size and type of business you are in, regular and informative blogs are one of the best ways to get organic traffic. Writing evergreen blogs can bring you several leads. If you are writing a blog that inspires people to come back again on your website to read, it means you are getting closer to generating leads.

Blogs also help in improving SEO as you will add pages regularly to your website that contains quality content and keywords that help in getting a good ranking on SERP. Website content creation is a part of content marketing strategy.

3) Try to add Video Content

Nowadays, customers want more videos from the brands they visit and make a purchase of products and services.

This research is proof “87% of marketers produce video content online and they say, videos boost 157% increase in organic search traffic.”

Another research shows that around 45% of consumers act after watching videos related to the product or service.

You can create a YouTube channel and add videos to it. It takes less time and you don’t need any professional video editor. Do it yourself with the help of free software and tools.

4) Keep an eye on SEO

Search engine optimization is the most terrific way to get a huge amount of traffic. The things we have discussed above, all the things are a part of SEO.

But there are a lot more things that SEO covers and you should do that to get the organic traffic for a longer period. Doing SEO in deep can bring you great traffic to your website. You can hire a digital marketing agency like SAM Web Studio. They offer professional SEO services in Delhi that help businesses to achieve blistering results.

5) Join Quora

Quora, as most of you know about it, it is a Q/A website where you can give or get the answers to the queries. You can give answers to the queries that are related to your business. By giving the right information you can easily approach them to visit your website for more related information or redirect to the blog or article that are related to the blogs posted on your website.

6) Interlinking

Suppose users are visiting your blog pages to read them. What do they do when they are done reading? Link your web pages with each other so that user stays at your website as long as possible. The more users will be involved or spent time on your site, the better you will get the rank on SERP.

7) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is not an old-fashioned strategy to get the backlinks. Take out some time for commenting on the blog posts related to your industry, you will not only get the chance to drive the traffic on your website but also get the backlinks by making a good relationship with the blog owner.