A Realtor’s guide to virtual tours

Google virtual tour

It’s not a mystery that 3D virtual tours provide a lot of advantages to different industries, especially in real estate. Unless you’re a real estate agent who doesn’t have any experience with a Google virtual tour, you most likely know what a 3D home virtual tour. In today’s generation, 3D technology has been constantly taking over the process of searching for properties. It gives potential buyers the opportunity to get 24/7 Open House access while they’re lying on their beds, eating breakfast, or watching Netflix!

Being completely absorbed in the real estate market, any realtor should know how a 360 tour creator develops 3D virtual tours and how it has transformed the property buying process. In this article, you will be able to know more about the Google virtual tour program and make the most out of this state-of-the-art technology.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a clickable and interactive program that enables potential home buyers to experience and get a walkthrough of the house. A 360 tour creator makes sure a virtual tour is different from the normal photos or video walkthroughs of a house. These experiences enable buyers to explore the property at their own pace, and they can view more angles of the house compared to a single perspective of an image.

Viewing a home through a video will only force you to view a specific part of the house like the hallway or the dining room without being able to see more details of the area. A virtual tour lets you stop in the living room, look down at the floor, look up at the ceiling, and turn around to see the entryway.

Since the internet is connected to the buying process of real estate properties, potential buyers expect a specific level of control over their purchasing decisions. A Google virtual tour meet that desires to control by letting clients get a real-like experience in their own way. Below are some of the important elements of virtual tours:

Full experience – It mirrors the experience of touring in a physical home.
Accessible – The buyers must be able to access the virtual tour easily and they should get to experience it through mobile devices or desktops.
Complete coverage – The buyers should be able to view every angle of the exterior and interior of the house.
HD Resolution – A 360 tour creator must make a high-quality Google virtual tour so that it will mirror and precisely portray the look of the property. It’s not necessary to make small details visible, but the buyers must not have difficulty looking at the dining room fixtures.
Interactive – Same with the coverage, the users must be able to easily navigate the tour, so that they can see all angles on their own.
Viewer autonomy – Potential buyers must have control and decide when and how they will view a house.

Live Google virtual tours

With the expansion of video chat software, most buyers have the ability to participate in a live tour led by a realtor. This kind of Google virtual tour enables real estate agents to guide the potential buyers to have a full experience, emphasizing important features and advantages of the home in real-time as if they were in a normal viewing of the property. Realtors can also immediately reply to any requests from the viewer while keeping a level of control over the tour experience.

There may be a lot of realtors that are supported by the control granted with a Google virtual tour, always remember that it needs the usage of the property. A strong data or wi-fi connection, an organized schedule, and for the home to be available. While creating virtual tours, a 360 tour creator only needs a less upfront investment for the equipment and technology. Realtors can pick from different low-cost or even free video apps such as Facebook Live, Zoom, or FaceTime to host a live tour.

 Signed up contracts for Google virtual tour

During a real estate transaction, one of the worst things that may possibly occur is having the contract fall through. Working for how many months may only go down the drain. This could happen for several reasons, but one of the primary reasons is because the potential buyer lack confidence and doubtful. Having a 360 tour creator develop a high-resolution virtual tour for your property boosts confidence levels in the buyers, which let them decide to sign the contract.

Get expert help

In today’s market, it is essential to keep up with what the technology can offer to boost any market. Any real estate property, no matter how big or small it is, can benefit from a virtual tour for plenty of reasons. By taking advantage of virtual tours, you can build more buyer confidence, locking in more customer engagement, and improving sales. If you need help with creating a virtual tour for your business, you can get help from Digital Solutions. Contact our 3D professionals and get more information on how you can start.