Adding Google reviews on Website – Benefits of doing it

Google Reviews

Wondering why to add Google Reviews on websites? Let’s start by asking you a question. 

Assume you are looking for a perfect hotel to enjoy a vacation with your family in Manali. What is the first thing that you would do? 

Immediately pick up your phone and Google ‘Best hotels to stay in Manali.’ What is the purpose behind doing this? 

Of course, to see what the other people experienced. Reviews play a major role in generating UGC (User Generated Content).

Hence, it is important to garner positive reviews about your organization or service on Google. 

Gathering positive feedback from your clientele and displaying it on your website can prove to increase your brand value and reputation.

When many options are available, you often choose the option where people have experienced the best of services and treatments. 

Here are some of the major benefits to add Google reviews to website.

Benefits of adding Gooogle reviews on websites

#1 Increase Brand Trust

Surveys show that 88% of customers check Google reviews to judge a business/brand’s quality. The audience does a large percentage of research based on Google reviews. Did you know that 72% of consumers say that they rely on the positive reviews on Google to decide whether to buy or go ahead with a service or not? 

Good Reviews indeed can bring you more clientele and bring in more faith in your existing consumers. 

It’s high time we pay more attention to our reviews now, isn’t it? 

#2 Increase Online Exposure & SEO

Who says that you need to adopt the traditional ways of keyword research and blogging to increase your ranking on Google? Don’t underestimate the power of Google reviews.

With proper execution, Google reviews can be one of the strongest marketing tactics.  

The Google Business Reviews allows your business and shows it up in the Map Pack. A Map Pack is a display bar that shows up on the page when you Google a particular name. It showcases additional details about a business like address, contact information along with the Google reviews. 

#3 Improvise Click-Through Rates With Google Reviews

All the businesses are aware of how important it is to get customers to click on their website for conversions. No matter how much money or time you spend on various SEO strategies, if you have no clicks on your website, all the efforts go down the drain. Google Reviews are an excellent way to get more clicks on your website. A good collection of positive reviews can make people click more on your website. 

#4 Increase your clientele 

You know that you are very close to your goal once your potential customers click on the website. Your products and services should be enticing enough to attract visitors to the page. While providing them a user-friendly website experience and smartly designed webpages are important factors, adding your Google reviews on the website can be another important factor. Any business with a strong rating must showcase on the website to gain the trust of the customers. Sometimes, good reviews can instill immediate trust even if the customer has not seen your reviews on Google.  

#5 Gain Genuine Feedback & Customer Intelligence 

One of the major advantages of paying heed and collecting Google reviews is that you will learn what your customers genuinely want and think about your business. The key is to pay attention and acknowledge. Even the negative reviews must be given equal importance as the positive reviews. This way, you will understand the areas where you need to work on and need improvement.

How To Start Getting More Google Reviews 

We are sure that by now, you must be convinced that Google reviews are of extreme importance to grow your business and gain your customers’ trust. 

Even though you must be thinking about buying reviews online to give an immediate boost to your business’s sales, we highly recommend choosing the ethical route by letting organic reviews take over. Don’t try to fleece your customers any day. They are way smarter than you know. It is not a difficult job to differentiate between Fake and Organic reviews. 

Even the customers are aware that no business would ever speak negatively about their product or service. 

Even though gaining positive reviews is a delayed process, we promise it would be extremely beneficial for your business. It’s all about giving time. 

Give some time and watch your business grow. 

The Conclusion 

Brand trust, Local SEO, and Feedbacks are what you will get from promoting your Google Reviews on your website. If you are currently not making use of your reviews, you miss out on what your competitors may be taking full advantage of. 

You might witness some really good results that are too absolutely free of cost in a relatively short period. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business along with limited resources. 

There are many businesses in the market that have benefited by making good use of their reviews. Ultimately, people trust people, and consumers trust consumers.