How to Grow Your Brand Value by Using Twitter Effectively


Twitter is used by 330 million active users and it is considered an original ‘microblog’ platform, through which people publish small content and updates effectively. These people are using it frequently for the latest news and updates from their favorite brands. So if you are not active you can miss the big opportunity. 

Whether you are a small business or a big brand you wouldn’t dare to miss out on the chance to promote it on Twitter. Here are some smart tips to use Twitter effectively to grow your business online.

Let’s get started:

Best Tips to Use Twitter Smartly

Twitter strategy

For any platform a complete strategy is important. With the right strategy and by investing your time and money into activities that accomplish your objective which drives leads to your business. 

Firstly you want to figure out what you want with your Twitter account:

  • Produce new leads and sales
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Increase product awareness
  • Decline client service costs

Create your Twitter profile

The complete Twitter profile is a powerful tool for your Twitter marketing strategy. Make the right image for your brand so you can build trust with your audience, which improves the ability to present on social media platforms and more. You have to make sure of these points before proceed forward:

  • Complete and optimize profile: Select a perfect image for your Twitter profile pic and use the effective bio to describe that what you are doing. Remember to put the link of your website in your bio to drive more traffic to it.
  • Get verified: You can get customer trust by getting a blue badge on Twitter.
  • Connection back to your profile from different spots: Make sure you show your profile off by connecting to it on your site, in your email marks, and on your other social accounts. This will give your social profile greater reach.
  • Unfollow non-followers who are not following back or mostly likely to be inactive. Because these people aren’t providing any value to your profile. You can use Twitter unfollow tools to unfollow people who are not following you back.

How to use hashtags  

Twitter is the born place of all social media platforms. Make sure to use this resource for your benefit. Hashtags categories your content and present your brand which easier to find online. According to Twitter research, tweet with hashtags improve engagement by 50%. 

  • You can use a hashtags tracking tool that follows hashtags which ensures you are engaging with the audience.
  • Don’t use so many hashtags in each tweet.
  • Use of hashtags with any space, remember everything connects.
  • Find the trending hashtags on Twitter.

Make sure to engage with the audience


When you come to know how to use Twitter effectively, it’s easy to find things like metrics and measurements. However, the most important thing is to track your engagement levels. 

  • Keep follow your network: You should follow your follower’s tweets and learn about the customer’s choices and the latest trends in the industry.
  • Reply fast: The audience wants instant replies from the brands. Research shows that 42% of customer wants response within 60 minutes.
  • Communicate, retweet and follow: Increase the connection with your audience by retweeting their content or give follow back on different social media platforms.

Use Twitter management tools to optimize the account

Sometimes it is important to use Twitter management tools for removing the fake flowers and spam messages from the account and to optimize it effectively. There are so many tools but Circleboom is the best tool.

It is a Twitter management tool that assists you to find genuine profiles to be followed. If you need to unfollow a portion of your followers, you can utilize Circleboom. The best part using Circleboom you can delete old tweets, retweets, likes and Twitter archives in a single click.

Over to You!

Twitter is still one of the most effective social media platforms that you can leverage to boost your credibility, sales and brand. But it won’t happen overnight, you’ll have to create a social media marketing strategy to achieve your goal. The tips mentioned above will be useful to make a powerful Twitter marketing strategy that will deliver you the result.

Let me know which tactics you are going to use first to grow your Twitter profile.