Three essentials you should before starting a guest posting campaign


Link building in the 2000s was much simpler than it is now. Websites relied on spammy backlink builders in those days to build a backlink profile for their website. 

Techniques like social bookmarking, search engine submission, and even spammy PR link building was enough to rank well on Google. 

Subsequent updates to the Google algorithm naturally made things difficult. Link building became difficult as Google began publishing websites using spammy link building methods. 

In 2021, there is only one real way you can create backlinks for your website: guest posting.

Guest posting is a practice where you publish a blog on another website and earn a link back to your website. 

Google considers guest posting a fairly good practice if the content is relevant and informative. 

While guest posting sounds easy, there are some things you must know before starting. Here are the three essentials on guest posting you must be aware of. 

#1: Quality and relevance of the website

The first essential of guest posting is evaluating the quality of the websites you are targeting for guest posts. 

The whole point of guest posting is earning a backlink from a website that is better placed than your own. 

How do you evaluate the websites you are targeting? The following points provide some insights:

  • Check the DA and DR of the website. Both these metrics represent the quality of the website. It is good practice to generally target websites with a DA and DR higher than your own. 
  • The traffic the target websites are getting is also a mark of their quality. If your guest post is seen by more people, you naturally have a good chance of getting some traffic as well. 
  • Check if the website is relevant to your own domain. Let’s assume you are promoting a SaaS product in a guest post on a website that generally publishes entertainment news. This will show Google that you are only publishing guest posts to expand your backlink profile. You run the risk of endangering the ranking of your website by choosing irrelevant websites for guest posts. 

#2: Content of your guest post

The content of your guest post also plays a key role. You should ideally try and prepare unique content for each guest post you publish. 

Unique content doesn’t just mean writing content that passes Copyscape. You must present new ideas and insights that are actually not simple derivatives of old content you have already written. 

Select new topics when writing guest posts. By doing this, you will soon start getting automatic requests for guest posts from prominent websites in your domain. 

#3: Paying for guest posts

Some websites tend to ask for money to publish guest posts. This is an unspoken reality of the guest posting world. 

While paying for guest posts may seem wrong and unethical, you might yourself be in a position where the investment is worth the reward. 

You should carefully audit a website you are going to publish a paid guest post on. You should ideally expect some form of traffic to come to your website if you are paying money for it. 

In conclusion

Guest posting is amongst the best ways to build a strong backlink profile for your business. However, you need to train yourself to identify good websites and deal with several site admins to publish guest posts regularly. 

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