Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills


Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing refers to a platform delivered through digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies advertise their goods, services, and makes Given below are the first digital marketing skills required in 2021 that require to get on your checklist:

1. Data Analytics

As a marketer, one among the foremost in-demand digital marketing skills is having the ability to work
out how exactly your strategies are understanding. As in, how they are being received by the purchasers
and if there are any chinks that require to be worked on.

Therefore, you will be got to have honest knowledge of tools like Google Analytics, Marketo, Ahrefs,
and so on.

2. Copywriting and Editing

Content remains king in 2021 and hence, among the highest digital marketing skills. With quality
content, there is no marketing, be it visual or text.
Having skillful writing skills is one of the bottom skills that form the inspiration of a marketing

Digital marketing skills – copywriting
Be it advertisements, landing pages, website content, blogs, or a social media caption, each requires
skillful writing abilities.

3. Channel Planning

Another one of the digital marketing skills for 2021 that is being highly demanded is channel planning.
this is often because digital platforms like the varied social media platforms also as others have grown
massively due to the pandemic the past year.

digital marketing skills – channel planning

Source: Channel Plan

To be simpler and persuasive, marketers now need to focus more closely on each platform so on
optimize their individual potentials. Further, they must organize content for the new platforms also that
keep cropping up (like Clubhouse).

Sound content marketing knowledge is, therefore, vital.

4. SEO

A good digital marketer knows his or her way around the SEO maze and features a working knowledge of
as many algorithm variables as possible.

SEO has always been one of the foremost effective digital marketing channels that have proven to
rework businesses and are some things that create it a necessary skill for all marketing professionals.

5. Email Marketing

Emails are not only an excellent thanks to getting your word across to countless people, but the very fact
that over 34% of individuals worldwide use email is what makes it an interesting concept for marketing
and vital for digital marketers.

digital marketing skills – email marketing

It is also an excellent tool because emails are highly versatile and may be customized consistent with the
demographic they’ll be catering to or consistent with the stress of the business.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

This phrase is vital for all the marketers who understand that just traffic alone is not enough. quite just
tons of possibilities, that traffic represents, it is more important to possess good leads that have

digital marketing skills – CRO

Source: ACRO Global

These are quality leads that make a difference. So, an honest marketer should be ready to study and be
a CRO expert so that they will specialize in the company's objectives and confirm that the
marketing strategies are working towards that.

7. Video Marketing

How much of an impression video content has on people are often summed up by only one word –
Reels? We all know just how addictive they will be and even vlogging, and other sorts of video content,
for that matter.

Now, video marketing is simply using this fact and using it to get consumer interest and obtain more
sales. it's been observed that 80% of individuals are more likely to shop for a specific product after
watching an honest and convincing video.

8. AI and Machine Learning

Smart digital marketers' skills to include advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. Another
a welcome addition to the list of digital marketing skills because with the utilization of AI, numerous more
possibilities open in marketing.

With the assistance of such technologies, several tedious, random errands that require to be
administered, and such tasks, are often easily completed. It does not just make the marketing tasks
more efficient but saves tons of your time within the process also.

9. Voice Search centric thinking

Do you Even know that around 500-600 million users actively use Google Assistant? Such is that the
importance of voice-enabled applications. Making use of this fact and using it in marketing strategies is
another valuable addition to the list of digital marketing skills.

digital marketing skills – voice search

As voice-enabled apps are quickly gaining momentum and getting used more a day, marketers got to
skills to use to interact with their potential customers.

Usage of voice search and virtual assistants is on the increase globally, hence, the rising demand for
marketers who can build an efficient voice strategy.

10. Branding

When building a corporation or creating awareness among a few businesses, establishing it and dealing with
developing a brand is significant. this is often because it gives the corporate a recognizable personality.