What Are The 6 Prayers In Islam?

Prayer Times Oldham

Salah or prayer is the second pillar of Islam and obligatory for all Muslims worldwide. It is a physical practice for Muslims to prostrate and bow towards their Lord five times a day. There are five obligatory prayers that a Muslim must offer at the scheduled times of the Sun.

The 6 Prayers and Their Timings

Here are the names, prayer times Oldham and detail on prayers:

Salah e Fajr

Beginning of the day from the breaking dawn, the muezzin calls for the first prayer of the day, known as Fajr. Consisting of two Rakat as obligatory and two Rakat extra as compulsory (as our Prophet SAW offered so), making a total of four Rakat at dawn.

Salah e Dhuhr

In the afternoon, the muezzin again calls for the second prayer of the day known as the Dhuhr prayer. It is composed of four Rakat obligatory and a set of four Rakat before and two Rakat after these. Offered at the time where the Sun is right on the head.

Salah e Asr

The third prayer of the day offered at dusk. Just when the Sun is about to set in the clouds, Muslims offer Asr. This is the evening time with four Rakat Salah only.

Salah e Maghrib

During the twilight times of the day, once the Sun has set and there is barely 2 hours between evening and nightfall is when Maghrib is offered. There are three Rakat obligatory to offer and again 2 Rakat as Sunnah of the Prophet SAW.

Salah e Isha

Once the nightfall lands upon the area, the Isha time begins. The entire night is available to offer Isha. It consists of four Rakat obligatory and two Rakat Sunnah. There is an important set of three Rakat known as witar.

The Sixth Prayer

There are a set of five additional prayers, which are not compulsory, but they have a massive reward if one offers them. These are Tahajjud, Ishrak, Chaasht, Awabeen and Witar. The sixth prayer can be Witar as the Salah of Isha is incomplete without them. You can count these as the sixth prayer, however, there are lots of prayers for different occasions and reasons. None of them can take the place of the 5 obligatory prayers.


You cannot miss any prayer, though you can pray them afterwards in the day if there was some issue at that time. Muslims are obliged to perform wudhu before prayer, to cleanse themselves from impurities. Every prayer must be offered to face the Qibla, which is the Ka’ba in Mecca, Saudi Arab. There are essential parts of prayers and verses to recite during the prayer and some verses after the prayer. Every prayer is as much important as the next one. The timings of the Salah change throughout the year according to the solar calendar. The timings and changes of the face of the Sun are what tells us the time of the day. Muslims are obligated to be punctual in Salah to maintain a peaceful schedule of their lifestyle.