Books are a man’s best friend. We have always heard this quote but never thought about it in detail. And children are basically like sponges who soak everything around them. So, when you have kids of tender ages around you, it is the best time to inculcate the habit of reading in them. Doesn’t matter if they are still very young and cannot read the words properly, you can read to them and let them be friends with books. Do you want to know the benefits of these? Then keep reading!

Why should you inculcate the habit of reading in your child?

As a parent, you always let your child view movies and watch cartoons. But what you don’t do is let them connect with books. Do you think your child cannot comprehend by reading what the audio-visual media portray? Or do you doubt that books are not going to grant your child the knowledge that television does? In reality, books are actually better teachers than videos and graphics. And do you know why?

  • Reading increases their attentiveness —You might have noticed that children have very low attentiveness. They cannot stay glued to a certain thing beyond some minutes at a stretch. But it is important to help them get over this problem and increase their attention span. Well, the best way to do so is to indulge them in a reading experience. But remember, your child won’t start reading pages from the start. First, you will have to start reading the books to your child and grasp the attention of the kid. Secondly, you have to encourage the kid to learn small paragraphs and get her/his interest spiked about what is coming next. Only then the child gradually catches up with the reading habit and pays attention to it more.
  • Increases the vocabulary of the kid — Normally, you enrol your child in an early learning centre like Blooming Buds which helps in increasing the vocabulary of the child apart from teaching them lots of other important values and habits. But if you are encouraging the child to read books along with it, it tends to increase their command of the language and even their knowledge as well.
  • Better listening and reading skills — Whenever you are reading something to your child and the kid pays attention to it, it improves the listening skill of the kid. And when your child learns to read the books, automatically even the reading skills of the child improves. This also ensures that a child would write better in the future as well.

Apart from these benefits, you will also notice that when your child becomes friends with books, he or she will have better knowledge of what is going around in the world. The kid also develops better social and emotional development and even gets to learn the important lessons of life. Apart from it, you’ll also see a visible difference in the academic performance of the child. So, aren’t these reasons enough to start stocking up books at home and make your child grow to love them?