Best tips to Spy on Someones Phone

spy on spouse

Unfortunately having an extramarital affair is common in marriages. Victim can be anyone either your husband or your wife, your child or employee.

Must check out these early signs, before it’s too late to save your relationship.

  1. Your partner/child/employee is feeling insecure with you.
  2. They start hiding things from you
  3. He/she put locks in their phones/computer or other electronic devices as if they hide something
  4. They use the phone most of the time
  5. Your partner or children don’t want to be at home most of the time.

If you find any of the above signs in your relationship, then understand that he or she is cheating on you. So to save your relationship we have some tips to spy on your spouse’s phone.

Best Tips to spy on someone’s phones

It’s not a good idea to spy on your partner’s phone until and unless they are cheating on you because sometimes trust means a lot in any relationship. But if you have lost the trust and want to check why your partner is behaving differently then follow below tips:

Location Tracking Apps

Location tracking apps let you find the exact location of your partner, where he or she is going without letting you know. Moreover, these apps make sure where your partner is really when they say where they are.

Text Message tracking

Text messaging apps can intercept sent or received messages on someone’s phone. This will give you the complete conversation about what is going on in their lives. Above all, the best thing of these apps is that if messages are deleted anyhow then one can find the multimedia files shared through messages.

Track Call logs

Now gone are those days when someone deletes their call history, and it was difficult to track the call history. Nowadays there are lots of call logs tracking app through which you can access the call information of any phone with call duration, timestamp,

Monitor Online activity

If your partner or children remain online most of the time. With online monitoring apps it is easy to find what websites they are browsing. These app will give you a list of web pages visited and let you access every bookmarked web page.

Track Calendar and schedule

There are some apps through which you can track your partner’s or child’s calendar for today or the schedule for the whole week.

Track messaging apps

There are lots of chatting apps these days through which messages can be exchanged. Through messaging track apps you can interpret exchanged messages through various messaging apps.

Access multimedia files

There are many apps through which you can see which pictures have been taken and shared recently.

One can spy on someone’s Android phone to make sure their loved ones are safe. Also, spying on someone’s phone can be easy in emergency cases.

For parents, spying on their child’s Android devices ensures that they can keep track of their child’s activities. Fortunately, phone surveillance apps spy on any Android device in an easy manner without a doubt of spying, such as TrueRelations.


The best way to spy on someone’s phone is through reverse phone lookup. Apps that require rooting or jailbreaking your loved one’s phone.