Easy Girl Drawing Tutorials With Pencil Step by Step

easy girl drawing

Easy Girl Drawing Tutorials

Once the ability to shoot well was considered a gift, but today everyone can master this art easy girl drawing. It is enough to gain a little patience and perseverance, to store paper, pencils, brushes, and other tools.

There are many drawing aids to help beginners get used to this problem. Also, many lessons about the drawing stage can be found on the Internet. We will talk about how to draw a girl; it is a pencil drawing of a face.

easy girl drawing

Step one. Where should I begin?

First, you need to prepare everything you need to shoot:

  • Paper – it could be a notebook or an album sheet, Whatman.
  • Simple pencils – you need to be careful that they are of different hardness, it is better to take a few different things, it may be necessary to draw a picture.
  • Eraser – necessary to remove unnecessary or accidentally painted parts in the process.
  • Colored pencils – will be needed if you want to paint the picture.

How to draw a girl with a pencil? To get started, you should select an object for your easy girl drawing. If it’s hard to focus on the image you want to draw, then you can try to take it from a photo. By the way, this method is suitable for those who are just trying their hand at this business. Carefully consider the face of the model, determine which geometric shape looks more. It can be an ellipse, a rectangle, around, or even a triangle. It all depends on the proportions of the face, the width of the forehead, the shape of the cheekbones, and the chin.

The second stage. Posture

Pay attention to the position of the girl’s figure, whether she is sitting, leaning, leaning. Then draw a vertical line in the middle of the sheet of paper. Now you need to pay attention to the face of the model, the head can be slightly tilted. Try to determine the approximate angle and draw the centerline of the face. Then you have to divide the center line into seven equal segments.

Approximately at the level of the second cutoff below, make an indentation to the left and right, correlating the width and height of the face to the bottom. Similarly, it is necessary to make indices at the level of the third segment at the top.

The third stage. The contour of the face

Do not draw a pencil outline. You can draw a hairline, sketch the eyes, lips, and nose. The middle part of the bridge of the nose corresponds approximately to marking 3 at the top, and the tip of the nose falls on the fourth segment. Of course, these values may differ slightly, it all depends on the characteristics of the model. The lips should be placed between the first and second segments at the bottom. These points should be marked on the corners of the lips, the shape of the nose, and the edges of the eyes. You can find a lesson on how to draw a girl and check your actions.

The fourth stage. Details of details

Pay attention to the girl’s eyes, or rather to the eiforme, it looks like the eyelids are arranged. First, make small sketches and then draw on the setting points of the model’s eyes. Repeat for the rest of the face. All additional lines can be removed with an eraser. Pay attention to the mimicry of the model, she may smile or be sad. But in any case, there will be, on the face, minors, wrinkles, and wrinkles, pull them. Draw clearer details, make your lips and eyes brighter, try to represent all the details. Hair attracts in the direction of their growth.

That, in general, and everything, now you know how to draw a girl in pencil in stages.

How to learn to draw a girl?

Do not despair, if not everything turned out the first time, many have been learn this art for years. This lesson is one of many examples of how you can draw a girl with a pencil. To get results in drawing, you need to study other sources, look at the models, their faces. We must try to try our strength again.