How can ESL (English as a second language) student get help with essay writing

help with essay writing

Writing essays can be challenging for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Essay writing can be hard enough in your local language, but writing your ideas in an unfamiliar tongue is difficult. Essay writing can be made more pleasant if students can go for professional essay writer services or use these tips to improve their writing.


Tips for Writing an Essay for ESL Students


  • Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is your essay base work as an essay assignment help to write the whole essay. This is the point you will be contending in your essay. Put some cautious thought and planning into your thesis statement; it is the most significant aspect of your essay. Make sure to brainstorm some ideas, pen down everything that strikes a mind when you begin thinking about your topic.


  • Introduction

Here is the place you will present your topic and thesis. You will likewise need to get the peruser keen on reading more and orientating them on your essay topic. You should also precisely outline the points you are thinking of arguing in the explanatory section. Short quotes can be an excellent method to draw in your reader, so as you do your research keep your eyes stripped for a quote you may have the option to use for this reason, and ensure that you note down details of your sources so you can reference any specific quotes you use.


  • Explanatory sections 

A fundamental essay structure is a five-paragraph essay, which incorporates three explanatory body passages. Every single one of these should mainly argue one of your three supporting steps or points. Express your point, clarify it, develop it, and back it up with proof and references. Prioritize clarity by separating complicated thoughts into short and simple sentences. Utilize various types of sources, for example, book references, quotes, and statistics.


  • Concluding Part

Your essay conclusion should contain a synopsis of your primary points and a repeat of your thesis points. This is your final chance to present your case and effectively express your idea. Remember not to include any new information in your conclusion section; you should simply be summed up and rehashing.

In the End

Essay writing can be tricky for all, especially ESL students, however, ideally, these tips will make essay writing somewhat less complicated and more approachable. A well-researched and well-written thesis well argued the main points and a conclusion that sums up and restates the thesis makes a balanced, well-written essay.