How to become a cisco certified internet engineer?

How to become a cisco certified internet engineer?


How to Become a Cisco CCIE


How I prepared for the CCIE

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert also known as CCIE is one of the most popular network connectivity certifications in the industry. CCIEs are considered to be the coordinator of connectivity because network engineering and technical expertise in the job market are looking for people. According to Cisco, CCIE holders represent less than 3% of all Cisco-certified professionals and less than 1% of network professionals worldwide. CCIEs are implemented for the most technically cisco certified internet engineer tasks and are most rewarded for the work they do.


My journey to CCIE began with the motivation to join this team of scholars and network professionals. It was a long and difficult road, but hard work and perseverance made my dream come true last time. I became a Cisco Network Engineer (CCIE), but when I looked back today I realized that my preparation process had flaws. You could do it in less time, less frustration and less expense. I will not repeat these mistakes when looking for another CCIE, but I think there are a lot of people who would be CCIE going the same way. If you are one of these candidates, this article will provide you with valuable information to make your CCIE trip more efficient and less complicated.



I graduated in electrical engineering and by the time I was selected for the CCIE, I was over five years into the profession. Experience has been in the areas of installation, installation and troubleshooting of IT network systems and clients. I had a CCNA degree at the time, but I never took a CCNP.

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CCIE is currently available in eight different areas of expertise. The song I chose was Routing and Switching, which is also the oldest and most popular song by CCIE. I chose guiding and switching because it best suits my experience and will provide a strong foundation for further CCIEs in the future. In fact, many people who have some CCIE have routes and switches than the first CCIE.


Regardless of the CCIE track you choose, you must meet two main requirements: a written exam and a laboratory exam. The first requirement to earn a CCIE certificate is that you pass a written exam specifically for the CCIE trails you are pursuing. There are no official prerequisites for registering for the CCIE written exam. This is a two-hour qualifying exam consisting of 90-110 questions that can be taken at the Pearson VUE Official Test Center for $ 350. Passing the CCIE written exam is a prerequisite to registering for the CCIE lab exam, and other very difficult requirements to earn a CCIE certificate. The eight -hour CCIE Lab exam runs Cisco in several Cisco labs around the world and costs $ 1,500. These laboratory exams are difficult to obtain for CCIE and may be the reason for the prestige associated with CCIE certification. You must pass two exams to become a Certified Internet Professional (CCIE).



Becoming an Internet Worker (CIE) is not just about reading a book, memorizing a number of facts, and taking a certification exam, just like some other industry certifications. The real challenge in CCIE certification is a difficult practical laboratory exam that lasts eight hours. To perform the lab, you must not only be proficient in Cisco configuration commands, but you must also be familiar with routers, switches, and network protocols.

Tracking a CCIE is a great investment of your time, effort and money and it is important to have a solid plan before you start. The plan should take into account your current knowledge and experience, the resources available and the time and money you are willing to devote. The information I share with you on the following pages should help you prepare a tailor-made study program that will lead you to success. These tips are based on my own experience as a CCIE and from friends who have successfully passed the CCIE lab.


I provide links to four key documents that provide an overview of what you should expect in the CCIE’s written and laboratory routing and switching tests. You should download, print and read these documents carefully. You may need to register to download these articles, which can be done for free.