Simple Colorful Drawings for Kids – How to Draw a Butterfly

how to draw butterfly

Their wings have a unique design. Our step-by-step drawing instructions make it simpler and more practical. You will learn how to draw a cartoon butterfly for kids in this step-by-step guide. You can also train your brain to draw any butterfly you like.

We’ve made the following pieces for your convenience.

In the first chapter, you’ll learn how to draw a butterfly using simple drawing instructions.

In the second half, we’ll do some fun things with the kids.

How to Draw A Butterfly for Kids?

Coloring will help you think more clearly. You can, however, skip this section or save it for later. You should enlist the assistance of your elders to get you to your destination.


A pencil is a writing instrument.

a pencil eraser

A compass is a device that helps you navigate.

a measurer

A collection of drawing papers

Meet these instructions:

To make this drawing more appealing and elegant, you must carefully consider each move. It’s easy to follow our step-by-step drawing guide if you’re a novice. If you make a mistake, don’t worry; the right stuff will come your way eventually. What you need are persistence and discipline.

Let’s start your creative work!

how to draw butterfly

Step by Step Butterfly Drawings Guides

Step 1: Make a rough sketch to begin your painting. To bring this lovely butterfly to life, start by drawing a circle and then adding an oval shape. Redraw the circle to give it a rough appearance.

Step two:

Now, for the left-wing, draw a wide oval-like shape. Check to see if you’ve got it in the right place. Well-Wishing is done perfectly!

3rd step: You must draw a right-wing and a lower wing in this step of the butterfly cartoon drawing. Remember that the bottom and right wings are concealed behind the left-wing. As a result, pay attention to these moves.

Step 4: Draw the two hook-shaped feet to give this bird more authority. Place a flower under this to learn how to draw a butterfly on a flower.

5th Step:

Now incorporate two more hooked-shaped feet. Draw a pair of eyes in the appropriate place.

6th step:

We’ll show you how to bring this bird to life in this phase.

On the upper hand, draw a series of antennas.

With the right styling, you can make your smile curve.

For girls, learn how to draw a butterfly.

For a smile, you can use a horizontal straight line or a heart shape. You’re nearly done now. You’re doing a fantastic job.

Step 7:

To make it blush, draw little circles around it. Look at the illustration. You must add tiny circles to the top of the last attempt to make it an antenna. This is fantastic! This is the ideal complement to your imaginative drawing work.

Butterfly coloring pages include:

You will learn how to draw colors on butterflies in this segment. You have complete freedom to miss this section and go on to the next drawing lesson.

Colors required:

Coral is a type of coral that is

yellows color

blacks color

Red color

Brown is a color.

Purple is a color that has a

the color of the sky

Also, you can improve your kid’s vocabulary.

1.Attractive Butterfly:

Fill the pink shades to their wings to make this drawing more vivid. We start with the wings because they are large and easy to color. You may start by marking the black outer lining. Now add a splash of yellow to the fur. Fill in the dots with a red hue for lipstick. Finally, fill the brown paint all the way to its feet.

2.Colorful Butterfly Drawing for Kids:

It’s time to make the butterfly more vibrant this time. To begin, start with the wings. Fill its wings with the coral pigment. Don’t be concerned if the colors fade. Later on, you’ll be able to delete them. Fill the body with yellow paint on the second try. If you apply a light brown paint hue to the antenna and blush circles, they would look great. Finally, apply brown feet and a black outer covering. Good job!

3.Butterfly Amazing Coloring:

This is the perfect example of a child. Fill the wings with sky-blue shades. Fill in the purple shades on its body now. Butterflies come in a variety of textures and forms. If you make an error when practicing painting, don’t think about it. At a later date, the job will be perfect. Finish it off with a black outer border. Fantastic youngsters!

4.Green & coral Butterfly:

Last but not least, there’s this. You will find as many pretty butterfly simple sketches as you want on the internet. Make the wings sky blue in hue. This hue has a lot of appeals. Fill the body with the coral hue on your second try. Remember to have brown feet for this little insect. You’ve completed the mission!

Following our step-by-step instructions, you have effectively learned how to draw a butterfly. Check out other tutorials including Beautiful Sparrow and Colorful Flamingo Drawing for more illustration and artwork.

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