How to overcome the negative marking in the Bank exam?

Bank exam

Feeling hesitant to give a bank exam due to negative marking? Well! Do not be anxious as we are going to present the smart techniques to tackle this situation. Bank exams were conducted mainly for the two job profiles; Bank PO (Probationary officer) and Bank clerk. These two posts are prestigious among candidates because of less burden and attractive job perks. 

Almost every subject such as English knowledge, reasoning ability or arithmetic, quantitative aptitude or computer, negative marking is there and it is the biggest issue to reduce the chances of clearing the test. An examiner deducts 0.25 for every incorrect question. Unattempted questions will not be considered in negative marking. We understand how you feel by knowing it. But, there is a wise trick which is going to help you to escape yourself from the situation. So, follow these valuable steps and sit confidently in your Upcoming Bank Exams:

Top ways to avoid negative marking in the Bank exam

Do not tick the answer abruptly 

Bank exams consist of 100 objective-type questions in the preliminary round and 200 in the mains. You have limited time to give the answers. But, do not panic at the time of giving the test and never mark the answers thoughtlessly. Giving answers blindly will lead you on the road to failure. First, be relaxed, understand the question, focus on its concept and then start giving answers. 


Begin with the easy question first 

Initiate the question paper by marking the easy question first. If you go with solving one by one and are stuck in-between due to tough questions then instead of wasting your time, move on to the next one. When you solve the easy questions with the correct answers you will feel confident. It enhances your overall confidence to attempt the rest of the exam. 


Never waste your time on the specific question

Whether you are giving the SBI Clerk 2021 test or any other bank exam, you have to complete the test in the stipulated time. There are a hundred questions as we stated above so be very careful and do proper time management. If you do not know the answer to one specific question, move on to the next one but don’t take more time thinking about just one as Folklore said, ‘’Time stops for no one.’’ Leave it blank and attempt it later.


Practice previous year’s question papers

According to Periander, ‘’Practice is everything. This is often misquoted as Practice makes perfect.’Everyone does practice but you have to do the perfect practice. Find the short-cut techniques, formulas, strategies to resolve the difficult questions under the given time frame. Solve one previous year’s question paper daily. It will help you to find out the areas or the topics where you are lacking. Put extra effort into your weak spots until you get perfection. Give a mock test online and check your performance. Soon you will notice the miraculous improvement in the preparation. It is going to make you confident about the SBI Clerk 2021.


Avoid giving answers in the last-minute 

Keep the last minute of the test to revise the answer sheet. Try not to mark the answer at the last minute; you may tick the wrong answer in a hurry. It’s better to do this earlier and give at least 10 minutes to review the whole answer sheet. 


Calculated Risk

Sometimes students mark the option which is near to the answer. This technique works but adopts it only when you are assured to eliminate two or three options. A candidate makes a mistake in this trick two due to overconfidence. Thus, make sure to take some time before answering. We guide you to apply this method to the difficult questions later once you have finished all the questions which you have self-reliant.  


Read question/instructions carefully

Every student must read the instructions of the question papers with utmost care. Along with it, a candidate also has to check every single question asked in the test. Most of the time, the examiner tweaks the question which is entirely different from the question you have studied. Thus, don’t expect the same format of the question but understand the concept so that you could provide an accurate answer. 


Revise answers

We understand you have less time to revise a hundred questions. Bank PO or SBI Clerk 2021, every question paper contains more than 100 questions. But, if you are good at your speed and know the art of time management then we advise you to revise your answers. Sometimes students know the correct answers but they choose the wrong answers unknowingly. Re-evaluation will help you from negative marking. 


End Point 

So, students apply these tips and tricks to save their hard-earned marks. Accuracy is the major factor to crack the government bank exams. Make sure to maintain the accuracy and practice daily to go close to your dream job.