How to plan time table to prepare for the Defence exam?

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The defense is synonymous with discipline and dedication. Defense cadets are always at a vigil to safeguard the country. Candidates who have a sense of responsibility and commitment can prepare for the exams proficiently. Defense exams such as AFCAT, CDS, NDA, etc., can be qualified if they follow a set timetable to make a disciplined routine. Time management is the basic element to combat exam preparation and get the best outcomes. Therefore daily timetable should be prepared to fix a time for every activity of the day right from the wake-up time. The timetable seizes enormous significance in everybody’s life, but when it comes to Defence exam aspirants, then it requires proper discipline, earnestness, and an ideal balance of psychological and physical fitness. 

When aspirants are preparing for Defence exams like NDA, CDS or AFCAT exam they need to scrutinize their regime to prepare effectively for the exam. Many aspirants join AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh depending upon the exam they have chosen for defense services. 

Let us discuss an ideal timetable for the aspirants of defense exams. It will help them to chalk out their routine constructively and adequately to accomplish the exam preparations. 

The ideal routine for studies should be planned in a balanced way. It should balance your routine activities and studies justifiably.

Mornings should be devoted to topics that need mugging up such as static GK, History, Geography, and Polity. You can pick the GK topic and learn the topics. Grasping in the mornings is the best because the mind is fresh and ready to learn. Devote at least three hours on GK in the morning and revise the previous year’s topics too. It has a vast syllabus, therefore, it is better to take it up in the morning so that you can cover it fully.

The afternoon timetable should be of 2 hours where you can practice the already covered topics. Buy test series of defense exams and take one test daily. Submit and know your weaknesses. Overcome the same next day by asking for the doubt session from the subject expert. Revise the topics covered in the previous session first and then take the doubt session if required. Make notes in the afternoon for the topics learned in the morning session. 

The evening timetable should be started after taking a break of one hour. You can take a short nap or listen to music or talk to a friend. It will refresh your mind and enhance your grasping power. Sitting for more than three hours on a study table brings boredom hence take a break. Resume the study afterward for three hours.  

In the three hours of study time allocated in the evening, candidates should start a new topic from a subject other than taken up in the morning. Read the topic carefully and understand it. If you are doing self-study then join online coaching for the defense exam and watch the relevant video lecture. This exercise should be completed in two hours and the last one hour should be devoted to practice the same. Take a topic test from the online test series of Defence exams and analyze your performance.  

This is how one should plan a day besides taking AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh. Follow the study routine systematically to cover the entire syllabus constructively. Do not miss even a single lecture of your coaching classes. 

Some basic habits to inculcate to give balanced time to your studies and daily routine are as follows:

  1. Wake up early morning
  2. Take one hour walk to tone up your body 
  3. Have breakfast in time 
  4. Sit for three hours in the morning to study 
  5. Take a break from the study session to rejuvenate
  6. Develop healthy eating habits
  7. Avoid going out with friends for parties 
  8. Avoid junk food as you might fall sick
  9. Schedule time for your hobbies to keep your mind active and fresh
  10. Go to bed at 11 p.m. and take a tight sleep for 8 hours at least.

Be particular about your daily routine to give the best and quality time to your studies. It will bear the best results and you will be able to ace the exam in the first attempt itself. 

Make your own timetable rather than asking for the timetable from someone. Do it according to your availability rather than trying to copy someone else. 

Join AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh according to the exam you have opted to appear in the near future. It is very important to take exam-specific coaching rather than taking a random study timetable. Coaching is the best medium to get proper guidance and approach for the exam. 

Online coaching for defense exams can also be joined if one does not have enough time to take full-time coaching. Those candidates can also join online modules that have completed their course. It works as a revision module for them. All the topics are enclosed in a short and concise video. The topic is covered with significant points related to the subject matter. It is enough to take a revision in the last minutes of the exam. The intricate topic video lectures can be viewed in a loop till you understand. One need not have to take any special permission for it. Just log in with your ID and password given by the online portal and attend the same at any time and anywhere.

Learn and revise in time to get timely results to step into the prestigious career of your lifetime. Make your family proud by entering into a fleet of warriors to safeguard the country. It is only possible if you value each and every minute of your available time. Use it thoughtfully to get the best outcomes,

Jai Hind!!!