Although many authors have written various e-books and articles on self-publishing or traditional thematic publishing in top markets such as the United States or the United Kingdom, very little is known about book publishing in India in general; here are some insights for those of you who want to know more about the path of new or emerging writers in India and around the world.

You need to be very clear about what self-expression means before doing anything else.

Simply put – this means that instead of sending your manuscript to a publisher with hope and prayer – you become the publisher and you and you alone are responsible for every step that your manuscript becomes a marketable book.

  1. Do you have perfect faith in the merits of your story?
  2. Do you know which market it is for?
  3. Can you afford to print?
  4. Are you ready for the time and effort required to promote your book?

If you answered yes to all of the above – you are now about to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery and reward. The first thing I suggest to you is to take a closer look at your manuscript. Read it slowly and check thoroughly for spelling and grammatical errors. Delete or replace any words and phrases you have used repeatedly. See if there is continuity and flow. Let your partner read it and ask them to point out any errors.

The next step is to find a proofreader who will check your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors, repeated words and phrases, and even for continuity. You may feel that it is unnecessary – but it is very easy to ignore things when you verify yourself – I know from experience that this is true and now believe that any fee paid to Proofreader – money is well spent.

Next, you need to find a graphic designer – a graphic designer responsible for:

Book format


Graphic design

Cover design

Scanning photographs

Book cover imaging.

You are now ready to take your book to the printer. Once it’s in the hands of the printer you have the only chance to change. The printer will distribute a test copy for you – check it carefully for any errors or changes you want to make – then any changes will charge you.

Print runs can range from a hundred to a few thousand. Each book is produced as many copies as you have printed. Beware of too many copies being printed which could result in the book garage being full.

How to publish and promote your book in India

How to publish and promote your book in India

Your book is out – now what?

Promotion, promotion!

One obvious flaw of self-disclosure is that you are solely responsible for promoting your book – but I find it both challenging and rewarding. I have used and continue to use all means available to me to bring my book to the attention of professional organizations and the general public.

Advertise yourself.

Business cards, flyers, posters – go to your local printer and talk to them about your needs. Always carry your business card with you. Put your flyers and posters on the free notice board. Drop a letterbox flyer in your area.

Use media.

I find the media to be the most helpful in my book and I am most fortunate to have excellent coverage. However, it has only come through my faith in my book and my relentless determination to promote it in any way.

Internet access.

The most powerful tool available to help you promote your book is the Internet.

Writing my book – self-publishing in India and promoting it is a life-changing experience for me. My efforts have brought me into contact with many organizations and their employees around the world – many of whom have become my friends. Regardless of my success so far – I am aware that I am responsible for handing over my book to my readers. This is a full-time job and it now includes public speaking. As a result of my book – I am now invited to speak with a group of regular nurses and palliative care workers and volunteers, as well as the general public, and I welcome these opportunities to talk about my experience.

A book of self-publication in India

Self-publishing is a new trend in India. Edition Theatrical publishers are no longer interested in publishing struggling, novice, and self-published writers. Well, they have a reason. Who will invest in a new product that has just hit the market? Writing is a business and every player in this business wants protection! And so, many authors have only one choice left – and that is to self-publish their books!

There are many self-publishing companies in India.  All they do for the writers is publish a few copies of their book and leave those copies for sale online. That’s it! Can any writer be happy with this? Will these exercises help the writers in any way? Most publishing houses in India do not put their efforts into marketing the published books. In addition, a few publishers publish something that their authors bring to clients for publication. This is actually damaging the reputation of publishers as well as writers.

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