How to Score 600+ in NEET 2021 – A Complete Study Plan for Gradeup Expert

How to Score 600+ in NEET 2021

“A goal without a plan is just a wishful thought”. If you are aspiring to crack NEET 2021 examination with a decent score of 600+, this article is definitely for you. In this article, we will understand how to Score 600+ in NEET 2021 and how to prepare a Study Plan to crack NEET 2021. No wonder, every year there are toppers who score above 700 marks in the NEET examination. Ever thought about what they do? The answer is here! They PLAN, strategize their every hour, every day, every week, and every month, and work accordingly. It doesn’t mean that they stop going out or they don’t have fun with their family or friends. They just Prioritize as per the plan.

Why to aim for a 600+ score?

The relevance of securing 600+ is essential to secure a seat in either MBBS or BDS in top most college in India. 

NO miracle that you fall in the list of 600+ scorers, only what you need is a strong decision and consistency over that decision.

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your Study Plan to crack NEET 2021 and what all is there that you need to keep in your schedule to score 600+ in NEET 2021.


Know the exam pattern:

Before getting started with studies, it is important to have a clear understanding of the pattern of the examination. Like every year NTA has released the exam pattern which will be followed this year as well. Total three sections will be there each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The question paper will follow the pattern below:

Subjects No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Biology (Zoology + Botany) 90 (45 + 45) 360 (180 + 180)
Total 180 Questions 720 Marks

Overall pattern:

Mode of the examination Offline
Medium/ Language English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, and Urdu
Duration of the examination Three hours (180 minutes)
Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Total number of Questions 180
Total Marks 720
Negative marking
Correct Answer 4
Incorrect answer -1
No answer/ Multiple answers 0


Start preparing early:

Don’t be lazy! It’s better to start earliest which is today! Don’t keep things pending or dependent on tomorrow. NEET has a vast syllabus, if you keep delaying it will never be completed and at the end, you will end up in anxiety and stress. To avoid this situation, start today! It’s a now or never situation everyday.

Set Practical goals for yourself:

Rome was not built in a day so is with your preparation for NEET 2021. Accept it with your heart that you cannot cover the whole syllabus in a day or 2-3 chapters in a day. Be practical. Know your potential and capacity, set your goals on an everyday basis with a realistic approach. Don’t over-pressurize yourself. Do less but stay consistent.

Know the syllabus beforehand:

Before starting the study, go through the syllabus thoroughly and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Mark a list of your weak points and get started with it first but don’t forget to keep revising the strong topics.


How to split the day?

  • 7 hours sleep
  • 3 hours for daily activities
  • Divide the remaining 14 hours in two parts: 11.5 hours for proper study and 2.5 hours to solve the mock tests or previous years papers.

Mock tests:

The more you practice the pattern of questions, the more you will become familiar with the approach of the questions asked in the examination. Make a habit of attempting at least 1 mock test since the initial phase and then increase it as per your preparation.

Be consistent:

Decide and stick to the decision you have taken and follow the schedule you have made.

Study Material:

Know the importance of NCERT and complete it twice or thrice before jumping to any other book. In reference books as well, consult them for practice purpose only. To make the base of concepts NCERT is enough.

Hope this article helped you in planning for your strategy for NEET 2021.