A Guide on How to Write and Sell Your First EBook

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EBooks are growing at an astonishing rate and can replace physical eBooks a lot sooner than you might expect. EBook writing services cost a lot, and the reason behind this is that one eBook can generate as much as 100,000 dollars in revenue. If you want to become an eBook writer and want to write eBooks that sell, you’re at the right place. Here, we will be discussing some important tips and strategies that’ll help you write engaging eBooks. However, it will also help you sell thousands of copies.

  • Writing your eBook

First of all, to write an engaging and profitable eBook, you need to decide on a topic. A selected topic should be approachable and be relatable to thousands of readers around the world. You can brainstorm ideas and come up with the perfect topic for your eBook. The genre of your eBook depends on your personal preference. To see what genre can gain the attention of most readers, check what kind of articles and blogs are getting the most views. However, bear in mind that you can write an engaging eBook only if you are familiar and comfortable with that particular genre.

  • Come up with a killer title

After you have come up with the topic for your eBook, it’s time to choose a catchy and attractive title that will catch the attention of readers and will make them curious about your eBook. This is one of the most crucial factors that’ll determine the success of your eBook. If your eBook’s title is not attractive enough, it is not going to force readers to buy it. For example, if you are writing an eBook about how you made thousands of dollars through investing in cryptocurrency, you need to make your title attractive enough to force readers to buy your eBook. A title like “How I Made $100,000 in 5 months by Investing in Cryptocurrency”, can attract a lot of customers. As here, I am giving readers hope that if I can make $100,000 in 5 months, they can do it as well, and who doesn’t like the money? Your title needs to instantly grab the buyer’s attention and force him to buy your eBook.

  • Divide your workload

One issue that writers often face while writing an eBook is that at one point, they hit a mental blockage where they cannot think what to write next. They go blank and have no idea how to move further with the eBook. To avoid this from happening, write a very limited word count every day. Usually, eBooks contain 250-350 words per page. So, if you cover 5-10 pages every day, then you can write your eBook properly without going facing creative blockages.

  • Format and Proofread your eBook properly

One thing you don’t want to happen with your eBook is readers pointing out grammatical and spelling mistakes. This can kill the interest of readers in your eBook. So make sure that you thoroughly proofread your eBook multiple times. While proofreading, make sure that there are no unnecessary words in your content. If you are done proofreading, share your eBook with someone. Furthermore, ask them to review it for you to get a better perspective of the quality of content.

Generating sales

  • EBook Cover

You need to have an attractive and catchy eBook cover that can grab the attention of readers. If you are not that good at graphic designing, hire an eBook cover designer on Fiverr. They charge only 5-10 dollars for a decent eBook cover. If you are designing your eBook cover on your own, here are a few useful tips:

  • Use bright, vibrant, and stock images
  • Keep visual elements at 300 dpi
  • Stay safe from copyright-related issues and avoid using visual elements that don’t belong to you
  • Keep the font color of the title different from the background
  • Your title should be in an easily readable, attractive, and large font
  • Convert your eBook into other formats

EBooks are read in different formats. EBooks are normally sold in ePub format, a file format supported by eBooks that are sold on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBook store, and Kobo. You can also sell eBooks from your store using the ePub file format. However, Amazon uses a different eBook file format, MOBI. The reason behind this is that eBooks available at Amazon are supposed to be read on Kindle or Kindle app on Android/IOS. So, to make your eBook accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter what device they use to read eBooks, make your eBook available in every format so that it can be sold on every eBook selling platform. Do remember that every eBook selling platform will take a share of your sales for its service.

  • Promote your eBook online

Promoting eBooks is very easy these days as there are so many platforms out there where you can reach your desired audience. You can either promote your eBooks on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or any other social media platform.  You can go for paid promotion on any of these platforms. If you want to earn thousands of dollars from your eBook, you’ll also have to put some investment in its promotion. If your eBook has a catchy title, cover and is based on a trending topic, then it will generate great sales.

  • Build your website

Reputable authors have a website where they display/sell their work and deal with publishers. If you want to generate more sales, you can add your eBooks on your website as well, apart from adding it on other platforms like Amazon and Apple where you’ll have to give up a significant share of the revenue. Websites also help authors look legit online.

  • Track your sales

If you want to be successful, you have to learn how to measure your success. Similarly, if you want to become a commercially successful writer, you have to track the sales of your eBook. If you use platforms like Selz to sell your eBook, you can log in to your account to check your sales statistics.

Writing is a talent, but to become a commercially successful eBook writer, you need to follow these steps and have to be patient and determined.