How To Write Quality Essay To Get Better Grades?

Do you know what can get you good grades? If your answer is ‘quality content’ then you are right but partially. An essay is more than just quality content put together. It’s about formatting, literature search, writing skills, and editing together. 

Yes, you can turn to online assignment help because it can get you the instant help you need. It would certainly be academically sound and highly professional in approach. But learning the skill to write an essay can take you a long way. You can outsource one or two essays in college but this assignment will be a regular event and hence it would be good to learn it rather than sending out a “write my essay” request to professional essay writing companies.

Here’s how to write an influential and quality essay to score good grades:

Step 1: Read your instructions carefully

You will receive a set of instructions from your college. Instead of starting in haste, read calmly what’s asked of you. Is there a question you need to address? Are there basic guidelines & formatting rules you need to abide by? Academic documents always have too many instructions that must not be ignored. Online assignment help can take away all your stress at once if you outsource your work to them. Just approach them when there’s absolutely no time for you to manage.

Step 2: Choose a topic that interests you

Write my essay cheap” is what most students search for when they have an essay assignment dropped out of nowhere with a very short deadline. If you can manage then go for a topic you already familiar with. This way you can use your previous experience and will need little time to crosscheck facts.

Step 3: Never start without research

The literature search is a very important part of any essay. You will need a solid reference material to back your idea hence look for different primary sources to find material for your essay.

Step 4: Prepare your first draft

Plan your first draft with an outline made pre-hand. Write the middle body first followed by the conclusion & then the introduction. Allot time for each section and prepare your content sequentially.

Step 5: Polish your content with revision & editing

Editing cannot be ignored at any point. Revise your work by reading it out loud. Crosscheck your work for facts, references, and literature. Use tools like Turnitin to check grammar and plagiarism in your content before submission. Make it error-proof and if possible get an extra pair of eyes to get a fresh perspective. 


What makes a great essay is your focus and attention to detail. Address the question and put forward remarkable content with supporting evidence. This will not only help you score deserving grades but your impression will find a way to your teacher’s list of top students. So, don’t wait anymore and read the steps and suggestions above to perfect your skill and nail it for your next essay.