New Changes in Cisco Certification Pathways

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Cisco announced the greatest evolution in its learning and certification programs during the week of Cisco live in sandiego, the new certification exams begin on February 24, 2020.

Types of Cisco Certified Network Associate — CCNA Certification | by Raahil  Aggarwal | Medium

The new CCNA

Cisco has replaced the 10 certification tracks for its CCNA with a single certification for all network engineers. CCNA’s new track contains 80% Networking with 20% programming Provides both networking skills and basic software development skills.

The new CCNP

The new CCNP exam will continue to be divided into the following tracks: Enterprise, Security, Service provider, Collaboration, Data Center. A new Cisco DevNet Professional certification is also being launched.

Therefore, you will only need to pass two exams to obtain each CCNP certification: a Technology Core exam and a Concentration exam. Being CCNA certified will no longer be a prerequisite for CCNP certification.

If you pass any CCNP level exam before February 24, 2020, Cisco will award you a credential for the corresponding new exams and credit for the new CCNP certification.


The new CCIE remains largely the same, to achieve CCIE certification you must pass a required written and lab exam. The CCNP Technology Core exam will be used as the CCIE written exam, however there will no longer be a separate written exam for the CCIE level. Automation and network scheduling are being added to the exams for each track.

All certifications will be valid for 3 years in the new program, so you no longer have to re-certify CCIE every 2 years.

The new DevNet track

A new Cisco DevNet certification is also being launched for all Associate, Specialist, Professional and future Expert levels.

Whether you’re a developer or network professional, DevNet certifications provide the know-how you need to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of programmable technology and take advantage of the new opportunities in application design, software development, and automation you need. to become the IT professional in demand.

… I already have a certificate; Will I lose it? …

Any existing certification you have will remain valid until it expires. After February 24, 2020, the certificates you already have will also entitle you to the new versions and any associated specializations.

In theory, you go through the process and come out the other side with more than you came in.

Cisco makes a migration tool available for each technology in case you are in the process of obtaining a certification track for any technology.

As a Cisco Learning Partner, SPOTO will make this and many other tools available to you to help you understand what your transition process will be like and accompany you through it.

This fundamentally changes the capabilities of the network and the role it plays, necessary for the digital transformation to happen.