Noida is Best Education Hub of India

Noida is Best Education Hub of India

Noida Education Hub of India, a suburb located in the centre of the country, is known for its educational institutions. The city of Noida has been a learning hub of India for quite some time and the number of students studying in the city has also increased manifold. Noida, like many other cities in India, has the best quality of education.

Students from various states of India come to Noida and get degrees and post-graduate diplomas from many good colleges. The most famous institutes of education in the city include:

  • Zaveri Community College
  • Jauhari Senior Secondary School
  • GVA Boys College
  • Mangeshi Girls’ College
  • Kanjeevaram Girls’ College
  • Shomali Girls’ College
  • Mangeshi Temple High School
  • Azad Maidan Engineering College and Malabar College.

Noida is Best Education Hub of India

Noida City Education Hub of India

Educational institutes in Noida are greatly influenced by western education systems. They impart education in a unique way and use modern techniques to serve the students. In the recent past, the city has seen the growth of several renowned educational institutes.

Some of them are the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

  • IIFT
  • S.R. Shashti College
  • Chanakya Senior Secondary School
  • Haldiram College
  • Joint Consultant Degree Program (JPN)
  • Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Hyderabad College of Engineering
  • Nalaka Vidyarthi College
  • Engineer Training Research Academy (ITRAD)

These colleges form the core infrastructure of the education system of Noida. The presence of these colleges in Noida has made the city a learning hub not just for the students but for the entire region as well.

Best Future of Noida City

All the educational institutions mentioned above offer quality education in various branches like B-Tech, MBA, MCA, CA, IIT – Entrepreneurship and Management, Dental faculty, Textile Research and Design, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences and many more. There are also many private educational institutions like Behaviour Therapy training centre, Vasant Vihar Academy, Ram Krishna Vivekananda Educational institute and Film school of Hyderabad. There are also many private coaching organizations like the Indian Association of Medical research institute (IMR), Pvt. Ltd. Education Trust, etc.

Noida is Best Education Hub of India

Apart from the above-mentioned institutions, there are also various other educational institutions in Noida. The prominent schools in the city include Banaras Hindu University, Bansal Classes, Gautam Hindi Medium School, Khayyam’s, Jai Kali College, Shri Mahalaxmi College, etc.

These schools offer various courses like Hindi, English, Maths, Science and other courses which suit to the various necessities of the students. Some of the famous private schools in Noida are AIIMS Delhi, Ghatkopar High School, Bansal College, Bansal Teaching and Research Centre, etc.

Many Colleges and Insitute to Create Your Future

A number of restaurants and eateries from across the city line the roads. These restaurants offer cuisines from various parts of India and also a variety of international dishes. Hotels in Noida are spread out in different parts of the city. They are spread out in various areas like Commercial Street, Khan Market, Hainan Road, Azad Maidans, Barakhamba Road, Haryana Road, Sadarga Road, Shahid Beheswar, etc.

Apart from all the above mentioned factors, there is another factor which brings about a great atmosphere to the students in Noida – the proximity of the various educational institutes and universities. In fact, it has been observed that when a student who is interested in a particular course moves to Noida, there is a definite chance of getting that quality education within a few months.

The recent developments in Noida have made life comfortable for the students as well as the parents who wish to have their children get the quality education they deserve and the Education Hub of India. So, with so much to do, take out your calendars, pack your bags and head towards Noida, India, for a wonderful life ahead!