Have you recently been asked to write an essay? Are you looking to write a catchy essay? Do you want to make your essay exciting and avoid commonly overused words in essays?

The conclusion is one of the most underrated parts of an essay. it is often taken for granted yet it significantly has a major impact on the reader.

Are you looking for other ways of saying in conclusion for your essay? This guide provides things to say instead of in conclusion. You can, therefore, write an interesting and eye-catching conclusion.

Parts of an Essay

An essay has to be organized into different parts. Organizing an essay in different parts makes it easy for the readers due to clear flow of ideas. A well-organized essay is more attractive and pleasing to readers. It attracts the reader to read the entire paper.


This helps you engage your reader with your piece by introducing your topic. It should start with a statement or a question that catches the interest of the reader. The introduction should be as engaging as possible to challenge the reader and keep them glued to your essay.

Thesis Statement

This is where the main argument of your essay lays. It also indicates the limit of the essay. You the reader what your stand on this particular topic is to know what to expect. It also tells the readers your stand on the topic, and it should be as straightforward as possible.


This is where you put down your points to support your thesis. You try to justify your thesis and your stand in the essay. Justify your thesis from research found in books, articles, journals, or even reports.

You can also justify your thesis from experience. Sometimes your personal experiences inform your ideas and your thoughts.


The conclusion of an essay is essential because it brings together all the main points. It lays down the final thought and the closure of the essay. Use your conclusion, to sum up the results of the essay.

Your audience can make up their minds on the topic you have been talking about, from your conclusion. A good conclusion needs a good introduction. A good writer should be able to find other ways of saying in conclusion to avoid monotony.

Marking the beginning of your conclusion will make it easy for the reader to keep track of where the essay is ending. You should indicate you are concluding on your work to make sure the readers don’t miss it. Your essay will be more memorable if you have a unique and intriguing conclusion.

Different words can be used to introduce a conclusion in essay writing. The commonly used words are “in conclusion.” There are other words that can be used to introduce a conclusion without saying in conclusion.

Here are some other ways of saying in conclusion in your essay;

To sum up

This means to give a summary of what is in the essay. This signals to the reader that the essay is being concluded.

Overall it may be said

This means that the argument in the essay could be concluded as stated. This shows the writer’s final stand, making it known that the essay has come to an end.

In summary

This is used to show that the discussion has come to an end and you are giving your final thoughts. It signals a conclusion.

To conclude

This means that the discussion has come to completion, and you are giving the final verdict.

On the whole

This is used to mean that you are summing up the content in your essay, taking everything into account. It shows finality.

All things considered

This means that you have considered all factors, including those not in the essay, and have arrived at a conclusion.

In closing

This means that the essay has come to an end and we are laying our conclusion. It tells the reader that we are now presenting the final argument or decision from the essay.

In sum

This means that considering everything. You are concluding the essay as follows. It means the final argument is being given considering the proof that has been produced in the essay.

By and large

It is used to mean on the whole and everything considered. It means you have considered everything and you are giving a conclusion.

All in all

This is used to show that you have thoroughly analyzed all aspects of your topic. You have researched all the details and proof, and you are concluding the subject.

Final remarks

All these are other ways of saying in conclusion in your essay. These words attract the reader’s attention and inform them that the essay is being summed up. Using such words instead of in conclusion helps you avoid commonality in your essays and makes our essays more attractive and interesting to read.