Portrait Drawing by using water based Color and Alcohol based color

Portrait ABT

Comparison of water-based and alcohol-based colors

Drawing portraits and faces may be a common drawing discipline. within the starting, we tend to raise ourselves several questions Portrait ABT: What colors do I need? Brush Pens water-based or rather alcohol-based markers, what is the difference? Ludmila Blum from Bunte Galerie has composed 2 Portrait Color sets for you. She explains the variations between the 2 sets and the way to form your portrait step by step.

Coloring of the portrait with the ABT professional alcohol-based Tombow:

So that you’ll directly compare the result with the markers, I used a similar model for the second portrait. you’ll print it on marker or metropolis paper or trace it onto your paper with a pencil or colored pencil. similar to water-based markers, the sketch ought to be drawn while not exerting an excessive amount of pressure. you’ll erase lines that area unit too dark before coloring. You can Also Draw School By using these Brushes. 

Step 1: coloring the skin and shadow areas

Just like with the water-based markers, I started this portrait with the dark elements of the face. I’m exploiting the subsequent colors here. I color the shaded areas 1st, eg. beneath the chin. With the second color, I deliberately return thereto so that a swish transition seems mechanical. A lot of you think again about the sting of the primary color with the second, the sander the transition between the 2 colors is.

Step 2: complexion

The next step is principally dedicated to the applying of complexion. With lightweight skin tone, iron (partially) over dark areas to form swish transitions. little circular movements permit the color to be applied equally, the sunshine elements stay white. you’ll conjointly use a lightweight pink to grant a natural blush to the cheeks and nose.

TIP: to urge an excellent a lot of natural looks, you’ll be part of the tip of the sunshine felt thereto of the dark felt many times. thus you are taking on the dark color and you’ll produce a way sander transition from dark to lightweight. A lot of you color with the sunshine pen, while not exploitation the color of the opposite pen, the lighter the tone of the color applied is. once you connexion the markers, you begin from the dark half and move to the sunshine half. this can be, however, for instance, I worked the mandible. Now today trending 

Step 3: eyes, lips, hair

After coloring the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows in line with a similar principle, you’ll devote yourself to the hair. Here again, I begin with the dark elements and that I don’t work on the elements of the hair that ought to replicate the shine of the hair and also the lightweight. For the brunette woman, I used the subsequent colors:

Step 4: hair strand by strand

After operating the hair strand by strand (here I even have used a yellow tone for the sunshine parts), you’ll take into account your portrait as finished. I conjointly stopped at this stage. However, if you wish, you’ll add a lot of details. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s with a fine felt-tip pen, a colored pencil Portrait ABT.  A gel ink pen on the sleek structure of the marker paper. You’ll produce work exploitation completely different tools. Indeed, the paper remains receptive even once operating with alcohol-based markers.

Step 5: optional

If you want, you can add more details using other tools. You can add other details with a white gel ink pen, for example by drawing highlights in the eyes or small fine hairs. Using a fine dark marker, you can create even fuller lashes, and colored pencils are great for detailing hair and eyebrows or for highlighting shaded areas even more.

TIP: If you prefer to draw details with a thin brush, first run the Brush Pen over a smooth surface, eg. on your mixing palette, plate or film. Now you can pick up the color with a thin, damp brush to paint the hair for example. This is how the eyebrows are in the drawing! For this portrait, we therefore only used the Brush Pens, a brush, and water. And this is what this portrait made with the water-based ABT Dual Brush Pens looks like:


You can, for instance, add fine hairs, eyebrows, or eyelashes employing a fine marker. The  detail the strands of hair even a lot of. extra shadows can create your portrait even a lot of realistic. Employing a white gel ink pen or covering white. You’ll add highlights within the eyes or mouth, if you left those elements white once coloring. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and draw more portraits with Tombow markers. To encourage you a touch bit. He even has ready 2 a lot of models for you. That you’ll attempt these techniques with darker skin tones on a person.