Reasons to Sync TOEFL Studies with GRE Prep

Students wishing to enroll in American graduate institutions usually have two examinations to prepare. They are the GRE and the English as a foreign language test (TOEFL). TOEFL is a standard examination for non-English speakers who want admission to English-speaking nations to gauge their English speaking skills. For most graduate institutions in the US, GRE is an exam that is an admission requirement. The test material of both tests has few similarities; that is why the TOEFL coaching in Gujarat study can be compounded by GER preparation for many beneficial reasons.

Here is an overview of both examinations’ test content.

GRE is split into three sections: oral explanation, quantitative explanation, and analysis. TOEFL is separated into reading, hear, speak, and write. The GRE and TOEFL reading section is similar in certain respects. 


4 Reasons for Sync with GRE Prep TOEFL Studies

You can prepare yourself entirely separately for these tests. But you can synchronize your TOEFL studies with GRE coaching in Gujarat for several solid reasons. So first, let us examine the benefits of simultaneously learning TOEFL and GRE.


Reason 1: In TOEFL and GRE, Reading are pretty similar

Comprehension of TOEFL reading and GRE lecture requires similar capabilities. Both TOEFL reading and GRE RC ask you to read a section and answer multiple selection questions regarding the area. The kind of questions is also comparable. TOEFL readings and GRE RC both request understanding of the passage’s essential words, making conclusions, identifying facts accurately, etc.

GRE RC preparation and TOEFL readiness are aimed at understanding written academic English. Due to this unifying goal of learning, preparations for TOEFL and GRE simultaneously help you develop competencies and methods for each examination.


Reason 2: The writings of GRE AWA and TOEFL share one task

Moreover, the GRE AWA issue essay is almost identical to TOEFL’s Task 2. The language is practically equivalent for these two types of writing activities. Thus, a GRE AWA subject could function as a topic of TOEFL Independent Writing and vice versa. The only distinction is that GRE writing needs a closer understanding of major social problems. In contrast, TOEFL makes it easier for test-takers to tackle a social problem.

This allows you to do both essays twice as many skills in writing that work well both in GRE and TOEFL.


Reason 3: For both tests, academic language is quite crucial.

The GRE and TOEFL material focuses on academic English words. Together, for such examinations, practical vocabulary terms offer the words in written academic English with a suitable “full picture.” It isn’t easy to discern where TOEFL terminates, and GRE begins. Advanced GRE vocabulary and TOEFL words overlap a lot.

As per abroad education consultants in Gujarat, For GRE, both TOEFL and GRE scores will be required; any academic word on the TOEFL may be on the GRE. It also helps to understand TOEFL’s GRE terms. The more advanced GRE language provides you a thorough understanding of the roots of words and the forms of words and ways in which all academic books are employed, including TOEFL literature.


Reason 4: the activities of TOEFL can be included in a GRE study plan.

The success of GRE or TOEFL is crucial if you have a proper study plan. As TOEFL is simpler than GRE, adding TOEFL study activities to your GRE study program is easy.

Suppose that you need some reading practice with your GRE Study Plan. With more straightforward and more TOEFL-like passes, you could warm up and advance to more difficult GRE-like readings. To accomplish this, it’s a great approach to test your academic vocabulary by going through TOEFL after you study GRE words. This might help you ensure that you know the entire spectrum of words found on any test.


And of course, it’s a perfect prep for the similar but more complex GRE AWA problem to writes a TOEFL Independence Essay. Indeed, even TOEFL Independent essays could be reworked into GRE Issues. 

The two assessments focus on the significance of words. Numerous questions are asked on the meaning of terms in the TOEFL portion. Both tests measure your paragraphs’ understanding. After that, at the time of via, the best visa consultant will guide you further.