6 Tips to Crack your Board Exams like a Topper


Cracking board exams is a good percentage of marks is a dream of many. But doing so is extremely hard. But in this article, I will be sharing some of the best tips to crack your board exams like a topper.

Of course, studying hard will not really help you to crack your board exams like a topper. But there are quite a lot of things that play an important role that fetches you the reward.

But sadly, not all the students are well aware of the essential tips. So let me just go ahead and guide you out:

1. Examination pattern overview

First of all, you should have a clear idea about the examination pattern. For this, you can go through the previous year’s question papers and sample papers. So you can easily understand the most important topics and chapters for every subject paper.

Also, once you have a list in place, it will be easier for you to prioritize the important and heavy topics. So you can allocate more time and study those chapters thoroughly.

2. Preparation of short notes

You should always prepare short notes on every topic as you go through them. You can consider preparing separate notes for each chapter and maintain a different notebook for every subject.

Also, do ensure that the notes are comprehensive and it covers the important keywords from each subheading of the chapter. These notes will, later on, help you to revise all the chapters quickly.

3. Importance of underlining and highlighting

You should always highlight and underline most words in a sentence in the textbook. This can help you to improve your memorization abilities.

Hence, it is advised to always mark the important areas. So you can quickly read the important areas and get your concept pretty fast.

4. Give preference to your textbook over reference books

Most of the students prefer solving reference books problems more than textbook problems. Also, they try to solve every question available in the reference book instead of focusing on the textbook.

However, it is advised that you focus more on your textbook compared to the reference books. Reference books can be used as an additional help. But your main focus should always be solving problems from your textbook.

5. Prepare a balanced study schedule

You should also consider preparing a balanced study schedule. You need to plan your study routine accordingly. Like how much time you are going to give to each subject and chapter. What subjects you will be studying at first.

What would be the revision time for each subjects? Also, make sure to allocate extra time in your study routine.  So in case if some mess up happens, you can always be in control.

6. Thoroughly revise the chapters

Lastly, you should revise all your chapters. And for this, you should allocate time for revision from the start only. You should determine how much time a specific topic chapter will take. So you can plan accordingly and be fully prepared for your exams.

Final Words:

So those were a few tips to crack your board exams like a topper. Also, you should be familiar with your 12th Board Exam Time Table or    10th Board Exam Time Table. So you can plan ahead and prepare the perfect preparation plan.

If you do so, you will be well prepared, and attempting board exams will not seem hard anymore. Anyway, if there is anything you would like to ask, then do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.