University of Phoenix Reviews: “My degree lets me help people change their lives” says alumna Chante Pantilla

Helping people change their lives is what drew University of Phoenix alumna Chante Pantilla to social work. However, she felt that her bachelor’s degree in psychology was limiting and had not taught her the skills she needed to be the best she could be in her field. She turned to University of Phoenix for her master’s degree because of the program’s convenience. The varied class schedule allowed her to work full time while pursuing her degree.

One of the things Pantilla liked best about her University of Phoenix experience was the depth of real-world knowledge and experience that her instructors brought to class. She feels that their stories of working in private practice and in the social services field added to the classroom and reading material. She says their stories made the classroom material seem more useful. “I could see how I could use what they were teaching me to be better in my job,” says Pantilla.

Pantilla also credits her experience at University of Phoenix for making her more socially aware and more comfortable talking with people for the first time, something that definitely makes her a better counselor. Pantilla says having to present in front of the class at University of Phoenix helped her hone her social skills and be less afraid of getting up in front of people.

She chose nursing as a career at a young age after nurses helped her deal with her fear when her father was going through cancer treatment. Seeing her father in a hospital bed surrounded by equipment was a scary thing, but the nurses took the time to explain it to her and knelt down to her level to make her feel included and less fearful. Today, Muir is a nursing supervisor in the hematology and oncology department at a major U.S. hospital. and his treatments left him hospitalized with lots of machines attached. It was a scary time for a young girl, but the nurses took the time to explain what was happening and talk to her at her level. They did a lot to help her to not be so afraid. Muir wanted to be able to do that for other families when she grew up.

What’s the very best thing about her University of Phoenix degree? Pantilla says it’s that her counseling degree gave her the skills she needs to “help people change their lives”.

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