What is a good score in NMIMS NPAT?


In total, difficulty level for NMIMS NPAT is quite average. However, the only challenging part is the Quantitative section or the Numerical Ability section. The best part, the Proficiency in English and Reasoning Ability are much easier of all. Coming to a good score, it is moreover about the cut-off marks. On average, it remains anywhere around 70.

To score well in NMIMS NPAT, one needs to have clarity about the examination pattern. About the latest test, there was no significant variation other than repositioning the parts within the paper. Moreover, there remain all MCQs in it. In total, a student has to answer 120 questions. One needs to solve these in 100 minutes’ time. Most importantly, a candidate can’t change the sections considering the time limit is there.  Attempt free NPAT Mock Test Series.

Analyzing in terms of difficulty

Most people often enquire about the best way to attain the cutoff mark. In this context, the best recommendation will be to go for the easier ones first. In short, one should attain the Proficiency in English section first. Here one can find three passages within the reading comprehension area. Well, this is there since the beginning.

Next, one needs to go for the Reasoning Ability section. Here the difficulty level is moderate. However, there are certain sections that consume more time comparatively. For example, the Data Sufficiency part has to take more time. Download NPAT Syllabus PDF.

Coming next, the Quantitative and Numeric Ability is certainly one of the most difficult ones. Specifically, the questions from progressions area are tricky. Similarly, the questions from Functional area are also quite tricky. Most importantly, both these consume a lot of time as well. Hence, one needs to be careful enough. Above all, this section demands thorough practice. Anyway, the best is that there are no negative marks on it. Overall, each question carries a mark.

So, basically, there remain 3 sections in the question paper. In each section, one has to attain 40 numbers of questions. Hence, there will be 120 questions in total. In other words, there will be 120 marks in total. The examination is going to be for 100 minutes.  Overall, the difficulty level for the exam is indeed moderate.

To obtain a good score, one needs to emphasize meeting right amount of questions. In this context, it is essential to attain at least 85 questions. Most importantly, one can certainly expect to attain a good score upon attaining this amount of questions. Specifically, one can expect to score more than 72 upon attaining this many questions.

Strategy for each section to attain a good score

It is essential for an aspirant to be strategic for attaining a good score. In fact, on most occasions, people fail to score well despite knowing the answer. Basically, these students lack the smartness to approach in the right fashion. In this context, one needs to be strategic enough for each section rather than trying overall. Anyway, the below sections provide a thorough insight into the right strategy to apply for each section.

Section 1: Proficiency in English Language

Undoubtedly, this is the simplest of all sections. Hence, the aspirants should not take much time for this. To be specific, one should not expend more than thirty minutes of time for this section. At least, one should aim at attempting 32 questions. There should be no excuse for 30 questions. Coming to accuracy, as it is among the easiest sections, one does need to mark utmost accuracy. Hence, 85 percent accuracy is a must. One should try completing the section in 40 minutes’ time. Here, one should aim to score 26.

Quantitative & Numerical Ability

Coming to Quantitative and Numerical Ability, the maximum mark here is 40. However, there is no negative marking it. In terms of difficulty, this falls on slightly difficult side. Regarding time, one should try finishing it in 40 minutes time. Otherwise, one must try finishing it in 45 minutes. Again, here also, one needs to attempt for 30 questions at least. Well, it will be good to attain 32 questions. In terms of accuracy, one should try making 80 to 85 percent accuracy. In other words, one can clear the section, scoring at least 26.

Logical Reasoning

The maximum score one can obtain in this section is 40. In other words, there are 40 questions in it. However, there remains no negative marking for this section. However, one should not take more than 30 minutes for this. Overall, one should attempt at least 35 questions. In terms of accuracy, 85 percent is certainly great. However, considering the challenging nature, 80 percent accuracy will be equally good as well. In terms of cut-off, one must aim at attaining 30 in this section.