What is the Montessori School Method?

A guide to understanding the Montessori school curriculum and the reasons why International schools in Kuala Lumpur prefer this framework.

An Introduction to the Montessori school method

This world-renowned curriculum was first founded by Dr.Maria Montessori, an Italian educator, and physician, in the early 1900s. The main vision of the Montessori school curriculum is to create a child-centered environment. In which that involves a child’s self-initiation inside the classroom in order to become more independent during the process of learning.

Children thrive in an environment where teachers give them the freedom to pick and choose what they wish to learn. Therefore, a typical Montessori school classroom looks different from a normal preschool classroom. And It is design keeping in mind the vision of the curriculum.

Engaging Activities to ebb the curiosity of children

They made Montessori school activities of materials that are colorful, interesting, and unique. And this ebbs the curiosity of little children and urges them to explore it further. They specifically designed the activities to work upon key developmental skills like fine motor skills and movement control. It enables children to be more independent from their daily activities and also to pick up their academic concepts with a deeper understanding. The beauty of the Montessori method is that it hones many skills at once. And the Montessori labs are a highly engaging platform to imbibe key concepts for a better academic foundation.

How is a Montessori school classroom structured?

They build a typical Montessori classroom keeping in mind the accessibility of tools and materials in order to enable children to self-initiate their learning. Students get to pick and choose activities from different workstations and they individually paced the learning environment. And they give enough time for a child to understand the concept and figure out the right way to go about it. This kind of self-initiated and self-exploratory method of learning is cultivate at a very young age. Also, it is useful throughout their schooling journey and for life.

Group Activities and Collaborative efforts

They also encouraged children to focus on group activities where they divide the class into small groups. And the teacher takes her turn with each group. It gives them maximum attention while demonstrating and guiding them during these activities.

Another important feature of the Montessori classroom is that there are children belonging to different age groups and class levels and this aids in creating a collaborative environment where the senior children learn to help and guide the younger ones, and the junior children learn faster through observing their older peers.

Different skill sets derived from the Montessori school curriculum

They bound a Montessori school student to learn and understand the importance of establishing routines in their daily lives. And this enables them to finish their tasks on time without procrastination. Students learn to develop independent thinking skills and are more motivated to learn new concepts without being overwhelmed with the difficulty level of the activity. They develop a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about the world around them and they also learn to be more creative and innovative in their thinking and problem-solving process.

International School, Kuala Lumpur, Montessori Schools

Most often, some of the best International schools in Kuala Lumpur have curriculums like IGCSE, IB , CBSE etc. To cater to primary and secondary school students who come from different international locations. These are challenging curriculums and need the right set of skills to thrive in a competitive environment. The students are at an advantage when they have been imbibing with a strong foundation in academic concepts and skills to succeed ahead at a very young age. A Montessori curriculum ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing such a solid foundation to all its young preschoolers. This is the reason International school Kuala Lumpur prefers this rich curriculum over other preschool curriculums.

Facilities at these Montessori schools

Apart from the typical Montessori classrooms, International School in Kuala Lumpur provides a technology-enabled smart classroom to increase student engagement. Smartboards and iPads are used to help students accelerate their basic learning process. Though many institutions were against the use of these smart boards in the beginning, after much research and studies, it reveals that smart technology in a typical Montessori pedagogy doesn’t harm but further enhances the experience of learning for these children and makes them future-ready.


Hope you got a good insight into what a Montessori school curriculum comprises! After having learned the wonderful benefits of such an independent learning environment, it will be easier for many parents to make the right decision to begin their child’s education with the right foot forward. International schools in Kuala Lumpur offer a holistic education curriculum and aids the overall development of a child. While academics is the core center of the school’s program.  Other crucial skills and activities like Sports and Performing Arts and value-added programs like STEM and HEYMATH in higher grades are given equal weightage as well.