How to choose the power of infrared heaters IR paneli?

When searching the supply of accessible infrared heaters or IR paneli, we get information about their power. Why is it important in the context of all these devices? How to choose it to take full advantage of its possibilities? So before we choose one device, it might be well worth spending a few moments to consider the mentioned parameter.

We’ve included the answers to those questions within this text.

Heat efficiently, so power matters

The first question that we ought to ask ourselves when picking the proper radiator is what we want to heat. The amount of power needed to heat a specified space depends upon this parameter. With a high level of thermal insulation (passive buildings), it may be presumed that 25 W / m3 of room volume will be sufficient. In the case of buildings that satisfy the present insulation criteria, it is recommended to assume the value of 30 W / m3 of cubature. However, for badly insulated apartments and buildings as well as for rooms like a winter garden or rooms where we always need more warmth as a toilet, it might be worth imagining a value of 35 W / m3 of cubature.

Depending on the current degree of insulation and also the value of 30 W / m3, we could make some distinctions based on the Sort of room, and so:

For bedrooms and kitchens, 25 W / 1m3 is recommended.
Living rooms and children’s rooms sho

uld be warmed together with the power of 30W / 1m3.
In turn, heating the toilet requires the most energy – here it is indicated that 35 W. per 1m3 is utilized.

What’s worth remembering?

On the flip side, returning to the heating panels offered by our firm, they allow you to heat any type of space of any cubature, and if necessary, bigger rooms are just selected more, following the above-mentioned base values.