Smart Circuit Breakers For Smart Buildings

smart buildings

Who does not want an energy-efficient home? Reduced utility bills, better energy consumption, higher savings, etc., are few things that all of us want to enjoy. The first step to ensure that is by going for an energy audit. A good energy audit ideally should always begin with the assessment of the circuit breaker box. Yes, that dull metal box is the portal to a house’s power consumption. The circuit breaker box is also known as the electric panel of the house. It is a crucial part of a house’s electric system as it is a distribution board that evenly distributes power to loads and safeguards from overcurrent. 

The circuit breaker has remained the same for a very long time. However, with the evolution of home automation technology, the traditional circuit breaker has undergone modifications, and now we have what we call the smart circuit breaker.

What Is A Smart Circuit Breaker?

There is no universal definition for a smart circuit breaker. However, just as the name suggests, this type of circuit breaker does everything a traditional one does. With that, it also offers transparent monitoring and remote control of the breaker. A smart circuit breaker should automate energy consumption at the breaker to maximise an energy system’s efficiency and usefulness.

Smart buildings often come with smart circuit breakers to offer a complete home automation experience to their users. 

Benefits Of Smart Circuit Breakers 

Heightened Safety

Smart circuit breakers offer more safety than traditional circuit breakers. They are remote-controlled, allowing users to switch off devices like ovens, curling rods, etc., even when you are outside. Smart circuit breakers help in remote checking of home’s energy status without having to speed back home from wherever you are.

Better Savings

Better energy efficiency always leads to more savings. Smart buildings offer just that. They not only help reduce carbon emissions and save energy but also help save a lot of money. Energy management is one of the central features of smart circuit breakers. Traditional homes continue to consume considerable amounts of power even when not in active use. With smart circuit breakers, users can easily switch off the entire system with a single tap on the smartphone when they are away from home.

Better Insights

Isn’t it typical that our utility bills continue to run high even when we are not using as many devices and appliances as we have? Or the electricity bill remains as before even when the AC is not working? This is because we lack insights into power consumption in our homes. With smart circuit breakers, users can get access to transparent and real-time information about power consumption. This way, you will find out undetected faults, peak demand hours or energy leakage and thefts. All this helps you in making better decisions and investing your hard-earned money the right way.

Schneider Electric India offers a wide range of devices for energy management. These include smart circuit breakers, MCCB, etc., that are excellent for SCADA systems, residential and industrial uses. If you are thinking about upgrading your power system, then now is the time to switch to smart circuit breakers for your smart building.