How to Invest When You has no Idea Where to Start?

How to Invest When You have no Idea Where to Start

We love to save money for bad times in the future. Many financial experts advise saving at least 20% of the earnings every into the savings. However, do you think saving money will help you to grow it? A savings account gives only minimal interest. Nevertheless, if you invest the money in other options, you can expect a higher interest rate. If this is your first investment opportunity and you have zero knowledge about investment options, it can be difficult for you. The guide below will help start your investment even if you have no idea how to start.

Stay as an empty glass to learn about investment options

As you have no idea about the investment options and how to start, it is better to be a good learner and listener. A financial consultant may help you learn things, or the information ocean on the internet can help make a real difference in your circumstances. Here are the basics of investment for beginners without knowledge.

Get Investment Account

The first step towards your investment is to start with an authentic account. You need to keep the tools ready required for your investment. The first tool is always the investment account. Nowadays, many banks and finance companies offer investment accounts that let you invest in various options provided by the bank. You can do your research to choose the best investment account in terms of interest rate, withdrawal facility, risk factor, and more.

Keep your financial conditions in control

Investment companies suggest your investment options according to your risk profile. Your risk appetite is better with strong personal finances. Keep a considerable saving in the bank account, have a regular source of income. If you have taken a debt, pay it at the right time. After the pandemic, many people have applied for payday loans for the unemployed offered by direct lenders for instant prevention from the financial crisis.

Decide how much you want to invest

The last step towards getting started is to decide how much you wish to invest. Indeed, you cannot support all the saved money. You might have other things to look after or other future expenses to cater to. Here make sure to work on the amount that you wish to invest from savings. Once the result of investment comes, it is possible to figure out how much you want to invest in a particular option. According to specialists, you should nevermore fund all of the capitalists in a different option

What are the different investment options available?

Here is the next step to understand the available investment options. There usually are four varieties of options obtainable for financing that you can analyse.

Fixed Income Investment

Fixed Income Investment option is generally offered by the bank that gives you a fixed rate of interest. Here you necessitate keeping the sum accumulated in the bank for a particular session. The investor can choose to get the interest payout annually or quarterly. You can also contemplate financing in bonds, which is the most traditional purchase option that people opt for. Here you will be investing in government bonds. It determines the government is accountable to pay the cost after a settled amount of time along with interest. Investment in bonds is always considered the safest option.


If you wish to gain maximum from investment, investment in stocks would be the best option for you. At stocks investment, investors are paid dividends when the particular company makes a profit. Here is a business investor you would require to fund in shares of various companies.

If the estimation of the percentage goes up, then you make money and vice versa. Hence there is forever uncertainty of disaster in this choosing. But if investing money into different companies after studying their past performance can undoubtedly cover the possible losses. You can start with a minimum amount and then increase it gradually according to the risk capabilities.

Real Estate

Real Estate has eternally been an expert’s preference when it happens to the long time duration for investment. The valuation of the property is rising day by day. Hence investing in real Estate can certainly assure you a good number of returns at the end of the day. Research on the price trend of the property can help decide about the investment. Investing in real Estate asks for a considerable amount. Hence this option would be only available if you have a good lump sum amount with you. Here the liquidity is low since it can take longer to sell your property if you wish to withdraw the investment.

Money Market

If you look for a highly liquid investment option that can give immediate cash, you can consider investing in the money market. Here it is possible to choose to invest in the certificate of deposits and short-term debt securities. These options offer a little less interest as compared to the other options. Hence, make sure not to invest in it if you are purely thinking of enormous profit.

Mutual Funds

If you wish to gain the returns of the stock market with a safe option, then mutual funds are the option for you. In mutual funds, you will be investing in the group of companies and industries together. Hence your investment is divided automatically into various companies. This lowers the risk factor and also promises you the good number of returns. You can start the investment in mutual funds with a minimal amount. All you need to get is the brokerage or investment account to begin with.


We need to understand that every safe investment option also comes with a bit of risk. But doing the proper research and testing certainly gives you a good number of returns on investment. Play safe in personal finances because that affects your investment options and their profitability.