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Run 3

Run 3 is a free online running game. In this game, you try to stay on the track for as long as you can. You can choose from two different modes when playing; infinite and endless mode. Infinite is where you run for as long as you can, avoiding gaps in the track that would cause your character to drift off into outer space. Run 3 starts off easy, with gaps in the track which are easily avoided. As time goes on, the challenge increases and you might have trouble keeping your character on the track.

The gaps that your animal should leap across while running appear more often and they come much faster. You will need some quick reflexes to help your friend leap over these gaps safely. Avoid making any mistakes or the gap will cause you to fall for an unknown amount of time without being able to stop.

Alternatively, you can explore the Run 3 campaign by playing levels one by one. The gameplay is challenging, so you may want to see all of what the game has to offer. As you progress, you may find new features that will help you continue. You can unlock different characters and looks, as well as more abilities as you play through different platforms.

Troubleshooting steps if you can’t play the game

In this addictive time-consuming game, a little gray alien runs through an out-of-tune and broken tunnel. Players have to be careful because the level is full of missing tiles and gaps. If the player falls, they will have to start the level over.

Jumping from wall to wall in this maze-like game, the gravity and camera angle will adjust to follow the alien. There are various obstacles that you need to overcome on your way.


Run 3


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In addition to adjusting the width of your jump, you can also adjust the length. For larger gaps, quickly tap and release the jump key. To make a bigger leap, hold down the jump key for a brief period of time.

How to play Run 3 game (Unblocked)

In the game, you can skip over barriers and dash on walls. It has 3D graphics to create a more immersive environment.

An overview of the nine characters that can aid you in your survival.

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