While smartphones of becoming a lifestyle for us yet there is a lot that a smartphone is capable to do. With the upgrading technologies and the latest apps in the market, the smartphone is not just a device but is a smart compilation of quite a number of devices. The features that smartphones come with are proficient more than it appears to a normal person. If you are thinking to upgrade to the latest features of your phone and considering selling your phone, Klymen.com is a sensible option to sell it at the best price. But before you sell your phone consider these 5 amazing things that your current smartphone is capable of doing.

1. Turns into a WiFi HotSpot

A smartphone without an internet connection is an incomplete device. While we have various data packs and public WiFis available but at times the signal strength of this WiFis don not allow us to transfer the data on our laptops or any other such device. Here is when you can use the tethering option and convert your smartphone into a portable WiFi Hotspot. This will enable you to connect to multiple devices and share information through the Share Via WiFi option rather than compromising the quality of pictures or data over the messengers.

2. Monitor your calories burning

With the smart apps that are available it the market, the smartphone helps you to get rid of the expensive gym memberships. All you need is a calorie measuring app installed on your smartphone and a band that helps to tie the smartphone either on your wrist or arm muscle. The next step you need to take is either brisk walking or running. The intelligent app with measure the number of calories burned measuring it on various parameters and hence you will be able to keep a track record of your health and fitness regimes with ease.

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3. Measures surfaces and Identification of Things

This practical scientific app turns your smartphone into a convenient tool to measure surfaces and the basic dimensions of a thing. The Smart Measure app uses trigonometric formulas to measure the height, width, or length of an object. All one needs to do is to point the camera on the desired object and click on the shutter button, n never in life you have to guess the dimensions of an object with these smart scientific apps on your side. Also there apps like Google Goggles Apps that help you identify the object of consideration. Probably these scientific games are putting a stop to the guessing games.

4. Converts into On-Air TV

While lifestyles have changed drastically and we want everything on the go, so here comes the time to use your smartphone as An Air TV. From watching live cricket and soccer matches to keeping updated with the latest happenings around the world and even your favorite daily soaps are available on the go. This has made the smartphone experience easier as just one device now serves the purpose of being a television simultaneously. This allows you to catch up with everything without having to wait to go home and play the recorded telecasts and get updated later in the day.

5. Scanning your documents

If you are still working with bulky scanners, it is high time to get rid of them. We have scanning apps that easily convert your documents to pdfs. Hence it becomes easier to keep digital copies of all the important documents including visiting cards and other important files. This could also be a feasible option to share your business cards via mail or digitally. You can even transfer important documents to a fax machine with just a click.

There are many more apps and features that come with a smartphone that we are still to find out. But these applications surely turn our smartphones into magical gadgets that can come to our rescue time and again.

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