5 Reasons Why Custom Boxing Trunks are Important

customized boxing trunks

What are the first few things that come into your mind to personify a warrior or a knight? Let us guess; his muscular figure, his strength, the weapons and of course, the shiny metal armor? Too heroic, too fantastic.

Don’t you think boxing gear is no less either? Well, we sure do.

What is a boxer without his boxing gloves, the head gear, groin guard, his trunks? Yes, all of them, they are so characteristic of the entire concept of boxing that it is hard to not envision a muscular body clad in the boxing armor, making him look no less than a warrior on a mission.

Are all these important? Of course.

What if you don’t use them in the sport? We’d just tell you. Let’s talk about boxing trunks and see if even these have any critical importance.

Interesting fact: The current day’s boxer trunks are a result of the design introduced by a brand a long time back. By the ancient design, these would have been a rather uncomfortable version with leather belts to be held safely on the waist. The boxer shorts for men are a result of introduction of the new design.

Lucky you! You exist in times to order even customized boxing trunks and other boxing equipment by a premium brand like Infinitude Fight.

Do I need boxing trunks?

You might be inclined to think of putting on a pair of Bermuda shorts during that upcoming bout. Well they do look chic if the design is rather stylish and classy. Can you think of Tyson, Monzon or Ali in those?

Now Imagine you aren’t a boxer but a soldier, in the war zone, on a mission, dressed up in your uniform with the arms you need and possible protective jackets. Would you still be asking this question?

Why think differently about boxing? Let’s dig deep into the i

importance of boxing trunks.


Boxing a sport, like an art. But it has also a bit of science to it. An excellent game is not a result of hard hit blows and knock outs alone. Those blows have to be landed on the opponent with strategy and skill. This, in turn, requires that the hands, feet and mind work in tandem and seamlessly. The boxing shorts allow that seamless flow of the legs through the style they are made in.

Too baggy or too smaller in fit a pair of trunks would keep a boxer uncomfortable throughout the game and allow little focus on the managing the punches well enough to keep the game smooth

Strategy and safety

Since hitting below the belt is illegal in a bout and also painful, many players pull their trunks up a bit to be able to safeguard against one with the elbow in case the opponent takes a chance. Word of caution though, you don’t to do your opponent a favor by confusing the referee in case you have actually been given an illegal blow.

Mandatory requirement

While boxing rules may vary country to country, you would often find a mandatory attire requirement for both males and females while entering a competitive fight; pro boxing trunks being a part of it.  So no matter how unwilling you may be wearing these, the rules require that you do.


Boxing is now a globally popular sport. You might find variation in rules put in place by different national associations but the general items of the boxing gear remain a constant, trunks inclusive. Let’s just say, it is a standard all boxers must abide to.

The boxing style

Along with its utility for a boxer, you’d have to agree that a boxer won’t look that iconic fighter you are used to aspiring to be, should it not be for the attire he wears too. In fact, the boxing gear is almost a style statement for those preparing for professional boxing or following it as a work-out routine. Here, you have the reason why custom made trunks have become increasingly popular too. And you know where to shop, Infinitude Fight.

What to look for?

Here’s a list of thing you might want to consider to make a smart purchase

Size & fit: You’re looking for a length and waist size suitable to allow you a smooth stride; ideally the crotch not hanging below the mid of the thigh.

Reliability: Never compromise on quality and hence reliability of your boxing gear. Trusted brands that are a common favorite could be a fair indicator. A brand that knows the sport and its requirements well would give you products that are high quality and made with the right materials.

Are you set for the bout? Don’t forget to pack those boxing trunks in the bag too.