5 tips to properly secure a hover kart

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The hover kart has enjoyed increasing success in recent years. “It’s a real racing car and a favorite for young people and teenagers. With its easy assembly and pleasant use, this Californian invention allows you to fully enjoy your hoverboard. Clearly, a hover kart brings a lot more fun!

The hover kart or hoverboard Buddy kit is a tool that allows you to transform your hoverboard into a kart

You just need to make a few small fixings and you are ready to experience

Using a hover kart

First of all, let’s start with the use of a hover kart, this is an essential point before going into the technical details of the assembly. I had previously mentioned that the hover kart is an accessory that allows you to use a hoverboard in kart mode.

But the advantage of using this accessory on a hoverboard is the safety of its user. When seated, you will have less risk of falls or accidents.

In addition, the stability and control of your car simply depend on your ability to manipulate the two operating levers of the device.

This is why to guarantee your safety on board the kart, you must secure all the components of the hover kart (the levers, the seat, and the hoverboard). This is a very important point that you should never forget while DIYing your kart!

Apart from the installation, there is also the speed of the car (an essential criterion if we want to talk about kart or karting mode).

this machine, the speed will totally depend on the capacity of your   If, for example, your hoverboard is capable of traveling at 20 km / h, so will your hoverkart.

And yes, even while sitting, you will still be able to move around at a great pace!

The other benefit of using a hover kart is the ability to fully master the operation of your hoverboard

. Sometimes beginners have a hard time mastering a Hoverboard (the principle of using it is quite difficult). However, with the help of a hover kart, you can adjust to driving in a matter of minutes.

The components of a hover kart

Being a recommended accessory and complementary to the hoverboard, the hover kart kit consists of essential components for use in karting mode. Each of the components of this kit plays an essential role in the safety of the device and its user.

The seat: this is the seat on which the driver sits. It does not have a seat belt but you just have to secure it during assembly. In some models, there are suspension seats to give the user a better view.

The brake lever: this is one of the levers located near the driver’s seat, in this way you can manually control the braking of the hoverkart

The control lever: This is another lever that is located on the other side of the user’s seat. It serves as a fulcrum to control the hoverboard.

The front-wheel: This is the specificity of this kit, it has a front-wheel that is linked to the body of the hoverkart kit.

If the model is off-road then this wheel is big, but if your hovekart is a classic model then it should be smaller than the hoverboard ones.

Central bar: this is the one that connects the support for the hoverboard with the wheel which is on the T-shaped control handle in front of the hoverkart.

The rear support: this is the part where you will install the seat, and fix the hoverboard as well as the levers.

The T- shaped control handle: is located on the front part of the hoverkart, it is sometimes on it that the front wheel is fixed. It is on the ends of the latter that you will put your feet in order to control the direction of the whole of the apparatus.

The different types of hoverkart

Although his goal at the beginning was to transform a Hoverboard into a small karting car, the hoverkart has now become much more than a simple imitation of a Kart.

The manufacturers added some small bonused jto the device and gave birth to two types of hoverkart:

Traditional Hoverkart:

This is the classic model, it is used for races on the roads or moments of fun with friends. It stands out for its superior quality and metal reinforcement. It fits all sizes of hoverboards but it is more advisable to use it for a 6.5-inch size hoverboard.

All-terrain hoverkart: a revolutionary model that has additional modifications. We can meet in this category of hoverkart a large inflatable front wheel that can be used in rural streets. They are also very resistant with a double central bar, a double suspension…

It adapts to all models of hoverboards. In addition, the driving of these machines is truly unique with an exceptional feeling of urban gliding.

How do I use my hoverkart properly?

Now that you know how to secure your hoverkart, there are a few guidelines you should always follow to avoid damaging it while using it.

Use it in the appropriate places: For the traditional model, it is safer to use it on flat ground. On the other hand, for all-terrain models you can use them anywhere: the street, lawns, parks, at the beach. But do not force too much on the trails where it is very difficult to move, it could damage not only the kit but also your hoverboard.

Maintain it at least once a week: It is very important that you recheck all the fixings of your device before each use. However, if you don’t have enough time then adopt a rhythm of small maintenance every weekend to see if all the elements of your little car are OK!

Avoid forcing on the speed: even if some hoverboards can reach exceptional speeds (up to 35 km / h). Do not use too much force as this can quickly alter the condition of your hoverkart.

In addition, driving at full speed increases the risk of an accident, so be very careful !!!

Take a hoverboard that fits easily with the hoverkart like hoverboard hoverkart even if these kits are made for all models. Some hoverboard models may be too small for these kits and could damage your hoverboard.

So, before buying the kit, you should inform yourself about the sizes of the hoverboard compatible with it. Sometimes it is mentioned on the technical sheet of the device, so check it