6 Effective Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

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One of the most underrated and ignored household tasks is garage door maintenance. This is a major reason why homeowners frequently find the need to hire a new garage food opener installation expert or repair expert.

If you remain oblivious to your garage door maintenance, your pocket may suffer in the future when you hire garage door opener repair services frequently. The repair costs are no cheap and one must do everything they can to prolong the life of their garage door.

To help you draft a garage door maintenance routine, here are the top maintenance tips shared by some credible experts. Read till the end.

Use Your Senses to Observe Your Garage Door as It Opens Or Closes

When your garage door malfunctions, the problem may first appear in form of improper movements as the door operates along with unpleasant sounds.

But when a garage door is properly and regularly maintained, it moves freely without any jerks without generating any kind of grinding noises. So, you must regularly check the functionality of the springs and pulleys to see if they are well-positioned.

Keep the tracks dirt-free

Each time you maintain your garage door, make sure the tracks are free of any dirt or debris. Keep a professional levelling device with you to see whether the tracks are at the same height or not. You can make any small level adjustments on your own, however, if the tracks are too “off-track” then you need to hire a professional.

Make sure nothing is loose or hanging

Generally, a garage door is opened and closed multiple times in a week. This constant motion can disrupt the position of the hardware and other accessories.

Make sure the door brackets and hardware are tightly positioned to the ceiling and the wall. If there are any loose parts, take the necessary steps to tighten them until everything seems in place intact. Always keep a screwdriver and wrench with you during any maintenance job.

Assess the functioning of the rollers

You must keep an eye out for the condition of the rollers and replace them whenever necessary. In fact, the rollers should be replaced after every five years. When you inspect the rollers, see for any cracks or chipped areas. You can remove the broken rollers by unscrewing the door brackets and install new ones.

But while removing the rollers be careful about the cables that have a lot of tension in them.

Lubricate! Lubricate! Lubricate!

With any moving hardware and machinery, it is important to keep all the parts well-lubricated at all times. In the case of a garage door, make sure all the springs and pulleys are well-lubricated.

Invest in a good quality lubricant spray, one with lithium grease in it, and use it regularly to lubricate all the springs, hinges, and pulleys. But, remember to clean any excess lubricant. This is why it is important you buy a spray lubricant rather than applying it generously as it is.

Do not forget to lubricate the bearings, springs in the door openers, and any other moving parts. If there are any attachable chains or springs, spray them with the lithium grease and wipe off any excess. Lubrication is the key to the proper functioning of a garage door.

Check the balance of the door

If you are using an imbalanced garage door, then the garage door opener will have to bear added pressure to open and close the door. Hence, it is important that your garage door should be balanced and must open easily with only a small amount of force.

Release the handle on the opener and lift your garage door to see how easily it opens or closes. If your door is well-balanced, it should freely open and close without your assistance. If you have to give it support, then it may be best you consult a professional to fix it.